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dating site reviewsHey, this is Dean. I created this site because a few years ago, I found myself thrust back into the singles scene after a bad breakup. I grew tired of hanging out in bars and nightclubs trying to meet women (and I refuse to use corny pick up lines), so I decided to give online dating a try. The problem was that there were so many options! I wound up wasting a bunch of money (and MANY hours) on lousy sites which attempted to “match me up” with women I wasn’t interested in. Meanwhile, the women I wanted to meet were practically impossible to get a reply from…because as I later discovered, these dating sites were jammed with a ridiculous number of guys who were all emailing the same tiny pool of attractive, available women.

The purpose of this website is to tell you about the sites that ARE worth your time. I also want to give you some powerful tips & strategies to help you WIN the internet dating game. You don’t want to be just another face in the crowd — you need to STAND OUT from the crowd, so that attractive women email you and make the first move…and when you email them, you will definitely get a positive response.

Now as far as the dating sites themselves, these days there are a number of popular free dating sites out there for you to join. However, in my experience, I’ve found that if you’re serious about meeting quality people you should join at least one paid site. The reason is that the people who spend money to join dating sites tend to take it much more seriously.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Free Dating Sites

Free dating websites are often filled with profiles that are no longer active. (The sites don’t bother to remove inactive profiles because they want to seem as if they have a huge number of members.) Men are going to find that on the free sites, a lot of the hot younger women post profiles just to get attention and see how many responses they can get. They don’t take online dating seriously. Women, meanwhile, will find there are way too many creepy guys flocking to the free dating sites. It’s typical for an attractive woman on a free dating website to get bombarded with 20 or 30 emails every day! It’s too much for her to sort through, so she gives up.

Read the following dating site reviews and you’ll discover websites that cater to every type of search, whether you’re looking for some casual fun or a serious committed relationship. There are also many dating websites that are geared towards specific people and preferences — including single parent dating, ethnic dating, and dating for people of particular religions. (Christian dating sites have been rising in popularity lately.)

So now let’s get into some dating site reviews. Here’s a rundown of 10 dating sites that my friends and I have gotten strong results from.

Dating Site Reviews – Our Favorite Top Ten Sites

dating site reviews First on our list of dating site reviews is, which advertises itself as the #1 most trusted site for single people online. The main selling point of this dating site is that it claims to “do the work for you,” by showing you matches that are based on detailed questionnaires that all of the members fill out.  eHarmony uses a patented “Compatibility Matching System” which supposedly helps to match you up with the people who are most compatible with you, based on 21 different sets of criteria. Of course, just because they SAY you’re “perfectly matched” with a woman doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have great chemistry with her when you actually meet up with her…but at least you’ll know that she fits all of your basic requirements. Anyway, this site has a huge number of members and a great reputation, so I do recommend it.

dating site reviews

Next on our list of dating site reviews is, which first came online way back in 1995. This extremely popular dating site provides you with all the tools you need to start meeting people immediately. Its subscription prices run similar to other sites and your chance of receiving matches and replies is statistically higher than with smaller sites. The reason for this simple: is practically a household name, and is by far the most well-known and heavily visited dating site.

dating site reviews has a pretty cool feature which differentiates it from the other services on our list of dating site reviews. It gives you a free “personality analysis” created by the Duet Total Compatibility System. The idea behind this analysis is to provide you with a list of highly targeted matches that are based on the outcome of how you answer a set of questions. With, the primary focus is on helping people to find long-term relationships — not casual hook-ups. So if your goal is to meet someone special for a committed relationship, this site may be your best bet.

dating site reviews

This next one is the “naughtiest” site on our list of dating site reviews. AdultFriendFinder is mostly geared towards casual sex and kinky stuff (such as swinger activities). Be warned, this website contains sexual material and language and there are some pretty hot videos, blogs, photos and live chatting to going on. It’s free to register at this site and you’ll also get six months free when you sign up for a 12-Month Gold Membership (or, one free month when you order a 3 month membership).

dating site reviews

Next on our list of dating site reviews is, a free-to-join site which is geared towards adults who are searching for relationship. This site has attracted a huge number of members since it first came online in 1997. It’s the sister site of and you’ll find that the majority of users are college-educated professionals who live in suburbs and larger cities. I personally like this site because it’s well designed and easy to jump in and start using. I would particularly recommend this dating site for people who are giving online dating a try for the first time.

dating site reviews

is by far the most popular online dating site for Jewish people of both genders. The website boasts a wide range of features and is easy to figure out and navigate. It’s a bit more expensive than others on our list of dating site reviews, but that’s because it generally caters to a higher-class clientele.

dating site reviews

We’re not done just yet with our dating service reviews. I also want to make sure you know about , which gives you the opportunity to chat and meet with sexy individuals who have the same sexual preferences as you. You’ll find plenty of steamy options on this website, whether you’re cruising for a single-night sexual encounter or want to find a deep, serious relationship. A friend of mine was able to easily meet several partners to hook up with on this site.

dating site reviews invited you to register for free. Here, the focus is mainly on marriage-minded members over the age of 35. This site started way back in 1996 and today it’s one of the longest-running dating sites. It’s also easy to use and navigate.

dating site reviews is designed to be a place where single parents can find whatever type of relationship that they may be searching for. Along with an easy to use site there is also a large member database, parents can once again enjoy companionship without the fear of a prospective partner finding out they have children.

dating site reviews takes a different approach: it’s designed for Western guys who want to meet beautiful women from Russia for mutually beneficial relationships. Be prepared to interact with some stunning Russian babes on this site! (A lot of them are not only great-looking, but also hardworking and make great companions.) This site offers its own matching tools, and I’d say it’s probably the best bet for both Western men and Russian women who are seeking love or friendship.
We hope these dating site reviews have been helpful. For some killer tips on how to contact women on dating sites and build connections with the FAST, check out the programs below…

How to Make Yourself Irresistible on Internet Dating Sites

dating site reviewsThere is a tremendous growth in popularity when it comes to online adult dating sites. If you are worried about keeping your identity safe and secured, well, most of the online dating sites would not reveal your identity unless you approved it. You can remain anonymous and share information as much or as limited as you like.

Since there are large database of members for each and every dating sites, you have to make yourself irresistible to get noticed. So if you are single and you want to hook up with other single ladies out there, it is time to upload your profile for the millions of ladies online to check out.

In most dating sites, men actually outnumbered women the typical guy-girl ratio is 60:40. Being single is no longer a big problem, you just need to upload your dating portfolio and make it as interesting as possible. When I say interesting profile, you do not necessarily need to lie on the information that you wish to share with the single ladies in the World Wide Web.

How would you make your dating portfolio interesting? Well, here are some useful tips that you have to keep in mind…

Show Your FACE No woman would respond to a message sent by a faceless guy. Women are suspicious. Women may think that you are ugly that is why you opt to remain faceless. Or maybe you already have a wife that is why you are reluctant to show your face to the ladies online. Dating profiles with photos get more responses compare to those without profile pictures. Choose a picture that is taken up close and your entire face in focus. Do not put pictures of you wearing sunglasses or hats. It would not hurt if you choose a picture showing your killer smile.

Avoid using props in your profile photos like riding a nice car or a picture behind the wheel of a sailboat. Women would think that you are show-off. Another thing that you have to keep in mind when choosing a photo is you have to be wearing something. Some women would not respond to messages coming from a shirtless guy. Even if you have chiseled abs, it is not a good idea. Women are more attracted to guys who are actually hot but who seem not to realize that he is actually hot.

Provide a good description. You do not describe yourself funny if there is nothing in your dating portfolio that would make women laugh. Or telling that you are an adventurous guy is not as interesting as describing your latest adventure-filled weekend. You simply have to show it and just do not tell it.

As you create your dating portfolio, you have to check the spelling too. Some women were immediately turn-off once they see misspellings. There are a lot of picky bitches out there! Check your grammar too, since your profile represents you; then you would not want to be known as the guy who does not know how to spell words correctly.

Ask someone to be your Wingwoman. Having a wing woman will help you hook up with hot ladies. She can also give you advices on what is the best thing to do on your dating portfolio that would catch the ladies’ interests.

Choose very carefully Do not simply send out generic messages to hundreds of ladies on the dating sites. Women would know when you are just trying to play numbers or is really sincere in finding your partner online. Go after women that you are truly interested in and do not just randomly pick out any girl. Women do not usually respond to generic messages.

Send Personal Message Women prefer to receive actual email with their name on the subject line. So instead of just saying Hi! You can add her name after the greetings. It does not really matter how long or short the message is, as long as it shows that you have noticed something in her profile. This means that you took time to notice the profile and among the women’s profile that you have seen online, her profile stood out. Since you have shown genuine interest, then expect to get response from her too.

You should target women who share the same interests as yours. If you are just looking for sex in these online dating sites, then you should look for women who are doing the same thing too. Most of the dating sites will allow you to specify whether you are just out there to play or you are seriously looking for a possible long-term relationship. Do not waste your time or her time if you see her name under serious-relationship category and you are listed on the intimate encounters category. This is really something rude and should not be done because it is just a waste of time.

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