How To Approach Beautiful Women

The Easy Way To Approach Beautiful Women

approach beautiful womenFor most guys, learning how to approach beautiful women is a very tough thing to do. It requires confidence, and the ability to be a smooth talker, to approach women, engage them in a friendly, interesting conversation, and get their phone number. If the thought of trying to randomly approach beautiful women and strike up conversations makes you feel nervous, I understand that this process can be hard at first, and I’ve been there myself!

What you need to know is that your anxiety about getting rejected can be overcome, and it can be done by using some simple confidence-building techniques. If one of the reasons you’re scared of approaching women is the fact that things can go wrong, then guess what? Hey, things will inevitably go wrong sometimes – that’s life. Don’t let it faze you. The only thing that matters (at this stage) is that you have the confidence to approach beautiful women and begin an interaction.

To have success with beautiful women, you first have to get one, and that starts with approaching them. I know that most guys are intimidated by the thought of approaching women, especially in public places. . If you feel nervous, shy or even hesitant to approach beautiful women, then I suggest you start learning some specific techniques to help you approach women without hesitation or fear.

Practicing in the mirror, and performing some mental exercises, is one way to build up your confidence when it comes time to approach beautiful women. Talking to yourself in the mirror will allow you to see how you look and to build up the confidence you need to approach someone. If you can first be comfortable with yourself, then you will more than likely be comfortable with talking with a woman, too.

For instance, you should practice walking up to women and asking them a genuine question. You could ask her for the time; to tell you where the nearest McDonalds is; or for the location of the nearest subway, train or bus station. It’s all about getting into the practice of approaching women in a natural, casual way – without anxiety or hesitation – so that when it’s time for you to approach a hottie and start a conversation, it will feel like no big deal.

Is It Really THAT Easy To Approach Beautiful Women?

I’m sure you’ve heard of men approaching women and seducing them instantly. I don’t recommend trying this, as this is the fastest way to get a drink thrown into your face. But when you do approach women, you need to have no fear of rejection. One of the biggest hurdles you must overcome is conquering your “approach anxiety,” and you can begin to do this by walking up to random girls and simply asking them a question.

Your success rate with women will skyrocket once you conquer your fear of approaching women. When practicing what I suggested above, you should only practice walking up to beautiful women. You can ask a normal-looking woman where the nearest bank is or where the nearest grocery store is. You’d be amazed at the responses and some of these women will even start up conversations with you!

You should do whatever it takes to not be intimidated by women. Work on building up your confidence by talking to yourself in the mirror and getting comfortable with who you are. And most importantly…

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