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Dean Answers Questions About Pick Up Women At Gym

Daniel asks… Do I legally have to see my dad? Ok I really don’t want to type it all but most. My parents are divorced and I see my dad every other weekend. My dad does everything bad you can think of except hitting me or things like that. It’s too hard to explain but […]

Dean Answers Questions About Get Directions

Chris asks… How can I get good biking directions online? I was wondering say I want to go from on place to another in the city. By car driving directions, you would have to pass bridges and high ways where bikes are not allowed. How can one get directions to go from one location to […]

Dean Answers Questions About Fling Dating

John asks… why do people always tell single people to try internet dating? i think internet dating is a way to meet a fling maybe but not the love of your life. why do people think that going online is the answer?? what did people do before the internet existed – went out and socialised […]

Dean Answers Questions About Girlfriend Gift Ideas

Daniel asks… Birthday gift ideas for 28 year old girlfriend ? Hi, I need ideas for what to get my 28 year old (27 turning 28) girlfriend. Any ideas? Dean answers: An expensive necklass engraved with her name and yours. Like a locket! So cute! Or you could get her something that she always talks […]

Dean Answers Questions About Online Dating Tips

Richard asks… tips for online dating? I met this girl online. tonight we are going out on a date and i was wondering if anyone had any good tips for actually meeting your online date? should i pay? how to act since we’re meeting for the first time, etc? Dean answers: Give it a shot! […]