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Dean Answers Questions About How To Talk To Girls On The Phone

Richard asks… I have trouble talking with girls on phones or instant messangers, how do I improve? I like talking with people in person to feed off their reactions. I dislike talking on the phone and messengers because Im unable to tell how the person is acting. I am unable to talk to girls in […]

Dean Answers Questions About Get Fuzzy

David asks… What is the fuzzy white crysaly stuff found in basements? What is that fuzzy white crystaly stuff called sometimes found in basements? I found alot of it underneath the carpet in our basement. Is it harmful? Could this be why I have trouble breathing in the basement? And how can I safely get […]

Dean Answers Questions About Get A Girl To Cheat

John asks… Did my girl cheat on me a year ago? girls please give advise I know its long but please comment? My girl is the type of girl that was conceited in high school. Most of her friends were guys.I was always curious to know what type of girl she was. I would ask […]

Dean Answers Questions About Internet Dating Horror Stories

James asks… Internet Dating, c’mon guys?? Any success or horror stories about internet dating? I’m thinking of giving it a try. Dean answers: A girl dated a guy ont he internet…he was a alien SCARY lol Joseph asks… Internet dating? Does it work? I’ve heard so many horror stories and many other success stories. I […]

Dean Answers Questions About Online Dating Websites

Paul asks… Why do married men use online dating websites? Why don’t they use a website that is aimed at people looking for an affair? They do exist. It’s bad enough that they’re looking for an affair behind their wife’s back. Why do they have to lie to people on a dating website who are […]