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Dean Answers Questions About Pick Up Women Books

Daniel asks… Does the Mystery method used by pick-up artists really work on women? If you don’t know what “Mystery Method” is, look it up on wikipedia. There are books, seminars, and EVEN “reality” TV shows on this method…. I think one of the tenets is to make yourself “mysterious”. Women find mysteries interesting…. Dean […]

Dean Answers Questions About Girlfriend Gifts

Chris asks… Can I legally get certain gifts back from my ex-girlfriend? Are there any legal documents I can cite regarding the following situation? My girlfriend broke up with me on Christmas day within hours of accepting several hundred dollars in presents from me and my family members. Afterwords, we both agreed to return each […]

Dean Answers Questions About How To Talk To Shy Girls

Richard asks… How do I talk to a really shy girl I like? Ok, so school just started back like 3 days ago. And I tend to fall for girls really fast, like love at first sight. Anyways there is this girl in my math class. She is soo beautiful. She has brown hair and […]

Dean Answers Questions About Pick Up Lines For Girls

Donald asks… Girls: What are the best pick up lines or ice breakers that you have heard or can think of? I’m talking ones you would go for not just stupid stuff. I’m 17 if it makes a diffrence. I’m just talking about something you could go up and start a conversation with a girl […]

Dean Answers Questions About Get Fuzzy

John asks… How can I keep my curly hair from getting fuzzy? My hair is naturally curly, as in if it gets a little bit wet, even if it’s a bit humid outside, my hair just curls up. But the problem is, It is also gets fuzzy too. What can I dow with my hair […]