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Dean Answers Questions About First Date Advice

George asks… first date advice… to close? i just got out of a bad relationship so i’ve been away from the dating game for a while and i’m just looking for flings. any advice on how to close the deal on the first date. what makes a woman go all the way on the first […]

Dean Answers Questions About Mapquest Get Directions

Steven asks… wats a good web site to get directions… mapquest doesnt work? Dean answers: Try yahoo maps. They seem to have more accurate directions then mapquest. Good luck Powered by Yahoo! Answers

Dean Answers Questions About Pick Up Lines To Use On Girls

Mark asks… what is a good pick up line to use on girls.? i need any help that i can get lol. Dean answers: Just be yourself. But this guy used a pick up line that was realllyy sweet oncee and it was “can you give me a map bc im lost in your eyes”. […]

Dean Answers Questions About Pick Up Women At Work

John asks… When should I call a 22 year old women if she dosent pick up someone elses phone shes living with? Heres the problem I got a number from a 22yrs women, she had to ask this older women for permission which I’m guessing she lives with her grandmother. Here are the issues. 1. […]

Dean Answers Questions About How To Talk To Girls On The Phone

George asks… How do i talk to this girl on the phone o.o;? i just got this girls number…and uhh…ive told ppl ive had relationships in the past, but i lied cuz im an idiot. so yeah..this girl gave me her number, i really like her, i think she likes me, and uhh… what do […]