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Dean Answers Questions About First Date Ideas

David asks… What are fun first date ideas if were both shy? I just started talking to this girl and shes really shy, and i’m still a little nervous when talking to her. I really want to ask her out but i can’t think of any thing that would be fun besides going to a […]

Dean Answers Questions About Pick Up Lines To Use On Girls

Ken asks… what are the best pick up lines to use for me to use on one of the most popular girls in my whole school??? PLEASE HELP!!! Dean answers: That Amelia T girl is wrong and a girl loves it when a guy compliments her. It makes her feel special Thomas asks… What’s the […]

Dean Answers Questions About Online Dating Statistics

John asks… Where can I find statistics of bad attendance in High school leads to an increase of crime and violence? Its for a English paper, I need stats but I cannot find any online. Please, from a reliable source and near to date. Also is there a website where I can find stats on […]

Dean Answers Questions About Girlfriend Quotes

William asks… QUOTES girl likes a guy who has a girlfriend QUOTES please help!? heyyy okay well me && my friend just started a new school && she met this guy who she really likes but he has a girlfriend && she wanted me to look && ask around if anybody knows any good quotes […]

Dean Answers Questions About Get A Girl To Kiss You

William asks… girl+kiss=ignored with a broken heart? k so it was my birtday the other day and whats a better gift than you first kiss on the lips. so i thought… before this occasion me and this girl flirted alot..ALOT. even though she had a boyfriend. so she broke up with him, her friend told […]