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Dean Explains How To Pick Up Women

Thomas asks… How do I learn to Pick-Up Women? Ok here’s my case. Im a 22 year old male. Im in the military. I’ve never had a girlfriend, and I am a virgin. Im in really good shape, and have decent looks. I want to learn to be able to pick up women. Basically I […]

Dean Answers Questions About Pick Up Girls Clubs

Richard asks… whats easiest night club in melbourne to pick up girls but i dont know how because im shy, any tips plzz? Dean answers: If you are wanting to meet someone why don’t you try dating online – it seems to be a growing trend these days and a lot of my friends have […]

Dean Answers Questions About How To Talk To Shy Girls

Ken asks… why i am so shy to talk to girls on the phone? hey i need some advice. i am 17 i have never talked to any girl on the phone, and some girls ask me if they can call me but i alway find excusses, because i am like scared to talk to […]

Dean Answers Questions About Get Smart

Richard asks… Get Smart? Hey, I wanted to take some people and kids out to see Get Smart, the new movie with Steve Carrell. Those of you that have seen it, would it be appropriate for 12 and 13 year olds? Dean answers: I just saw it last night, and i would say it’s appropriate […]

Dean Answers Questions About Internet Dating Statistics

Daniel asks… Is there a way to be more self obessessed? Is there a website for example that allows you to track all the changes about yourself – input data so you can analyse statistics about yourself eg. measuruments – waist hips, bust, and then track this over time, analyse when it goes up or […]