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Dean Answers Questions About Online Dating Tips

Charles asks… Could you provide me with any online dating tips? I am online dating. Could you give me any useful online dating tips? Dean answers: Are you serious? Online dating tips? A/s/l not working? Powered by Yahoo! Answers

Dean Answers Questions About Pick Up Lines

James asks… Girls, what is the best pick line you have ever heard? Do pick up lines actually work? I’m in high school and I really want a girlfriend for senior year. Are there any pick up lines that actually work? Girls, what compliments do you want to here? Dean answers: Pick up lines don’t […]

Dean Answers Questions About David Cook Dating

Joseph asks… How did the rumor about David Cook dating Lacey Schwimmer start? Ok people! David Cook is NOT dating Lacey Schwimmer! But I just want to know how this rumor even started. The American Idol contestants barely have time to sleep let alone sneak away from rehearsal and date! Dean answers: It’s a rumor. […]

Dean Answers Questions About Pick Up Lines For Men

Richard asks… What are some good PICK-UP LINES to use on MEN? We all know the ones that men use on women but if the toles were reversed, what would women us to pick up men. *I KNOW PICK–UP LINES ARE CONRY BUT THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE FOR FUN SO PLAY ALONG, PLEASE!!! Dean […]

Dean Answers Questions About Pick Up Women At Bars

Paul asks… How do I pick up women at bars? Dean answers: Lift with your knees, not your back. Robert asks… Singles and Dating: Men, Why is it a Bad idea to Pick up Women at Bars..? Q#2: any bad experiences you wish to share as an example? Thanks all for answering Dean answers: It’s […]