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Ken asks…

How does Internet auction sites & dating services work ? Networks & hubs ?

How does Internet Auction & dating services work ? How you have a master computer set up for these kind of web services. How to set up a main Hub and software system and who would host such a secure site ? Any links that someone can supply for me to study. Cheapest place to buy & secure a domain name.

Dean answers:

Greetings Pat

There is way to much to cover in this kind of question and answer format. Meaning there are so many ways to do what you are asking for and too many details you would need to provide. No way to put years of knowledge into a couple of paragraphs.

I think it money well spent if you are serious to find a IT Consultant to sort out your needs vs your budget. Besides unless you are going into the IT business why bother trying to work out the configuration and gear where time is better spent working on the business end of the Auction/Services network.


Donald asks…

How are the dating services getting my e-mail address?

Before I could even use this e-mail address, I am receiving info from a dating service, that I have not ever, or will ever apply to. This info needs to be taken care of by yahoo, or at least make it understood by everyone what the situation is. Not only have I received info from the dating service, but now receiving replies from my zip code. This is hard to explain to my fiance’. PLEASE reply with answers a.s.a.p..
Thank you.

Dean answers:

I recently started receiving them as well. People are also writing, etc. I have never filled one out either. I am also married. If you click it open you can see if there is a link to unsuscribe. Even if you never did sign up its worth a shot. I just delete them.

Chris asks…

how do I find out what dating services I’ve joined?

Im new in the dating scene again and I have forgotten the services i’ve joined.How do I find them?

Dean answers:

Check your email…

Robert asks…

Are there any bi ir lesb dating services that are for like for 13 or 14 or 15 or 16 year olds?

Hey i am 13 and i am bi and i have tried some dating services and they did not work. Are there any bi or lesbian dating dating services that are perfect for teens like us. This is not a phase okay.

Dean answers:

How bout you email me(i cant email you you got it blocked)
im fifteen and bi.

Dont listen to the people that say you dont know if your bi at thirteen. Yes you can to know. But yeah there isnt any dating services for underages, i looked to. Its lame but i guess it makes sense.

Joseph asks…

My husband got a text message from a dating services. How they got my husband cell?

Can this services soliciting you on your cell?

Dean answers:

I think your husband must have registered his number on the dating service that’s why he got text messages from it..

James asks…

My email address keeps sending out emails to my contacts for viagra and dating services how do i stop this?

I don;t know why or how my computer is sending out emails for things that i never look at i.e. viagra, internet dating to all of my contacts. How can I stop this from happening?

Dean answers:

Per Yahoo this is being caused by a virus. It spreads out through your email account and it sends spam emails to the contacts that are in your address book and to yourself if your address is in your contact list without your knowledge.

There are many viruses in existence today (often called “worms”), that propagate when an email attachment containing the virus is sent to an email address found in an infected user’s computer (e.g., address book, local files, etc.).

To stop the sending out of spam please change your Yahoo! Password.
The users that have encountered this before stopped the sending out of spam after changing their Yahoo! Password. I might also recommend changing your security question/answer also.

You can use this link to change your password.
you will be asked to enter your current password once and your new password twice. Click “Save”.

To change or update your secret question and answer you can use the form at…

You might want to run a virus scan on your computer and it sometimes helps to run a virus scan in the SAFE MODE. This can be accomplished by restarting your computer and slowly clicking on the F8 button on your keyboard while the computer is starting up

Charles asks…

Do you think animal dating services should be legal?

I was considering starting a animal dating service over the internet…I would select the top breed animals from animal shelters, therefor it could be a win win situation.

Do you think the government would let me make such an enourmous profit off of this gig?
note: this is just a dating service people should not expect to get more out of this then just a date. What happens after the date is entirely up to the animal. In past some have been bitten
THESE ANIMALS ARE NOT PROSTITUTES!! They are strickly escorts
other animals are available as well….not just dogs.

are all responders just interested in dating dogs?

well my service will have a variety to choose from

Dean answers:

You are demented.

Mark asks…

What do you think of telephone voicemail dating services?

The television is constantly bombarding the airwaves with ads for telephone voicemail dating services, especially late at night.

*Have you ever used one of these services?
*If yes, how was your experience?
*Are the results more, or less, successful than website dating services?
*Are they worth it?
Some of the ads on tv are for:
LavaLife Voice
Private Lines

I should have mentioned that it’s not only the tv ones.

My local newspaper has a telephone voicemail dating service. Many of the local radio stations also offer their own telephone voicemail dating services.

Dean answers:

I would be warey of them. I think alot of them are pornographic or sex talk lines. Also they are very expensive. I’ve never and would never use them Probably better doing a webbased site that has a good reputation. Above all be cautious with any of them

Thomas asks…

Did any of you meet your spouses/significant others through singles clubs or dating services?

I’m curious as to how successful these organizations are.

Dean answers:

My fiance and me met over yahoo. It is the best thing i have ever done we have a 2 year old together and i have 2 other wonderful children he blessed me with when i got with him. At least if you meet online and talk for along time like me and him did. 1 year over email IM and phone. Then we found out we lived 6 blocks from each other.

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  1. Nelio says:

    , we have are defined roles in the dyiamnc of our relationship and I think one of the reasons why our relationship work so well for us is we both understand who each other is and we both make sure that we love, honor and respect each other in such a way that we grow as individuals and as a couple. Most of the rules that have been passed down to us are usually based on someone else’s desire to manipulate and control us and to have is due. What they think we should do. The premise of smarter dating is that inherently every woman is smart and intelligent and knows what she really wants from a man in relationship. However, many women do not operate from their power. NASA result they make choices and decisions from places of fear, and that causes them to go into or stay in relationships which are unhealthy, unhappy and unfulfilling.Just because you had an egalitarian relationship with one guy and he left you doesn’t mean that every guy that you have an egalitarian relationship will leave you does it? why write off something because of one or two bad experiences? would you stop eating if you got food poisoning one time?if you have an inherent desire to ask a guy out I say go for it. You got nothing to lose and everything to gain. If, however, the guys got a have a problem because you asked him out. Then he’s probably not the right guy for you. I promise you this. When you are clear on who you are. What’s important to you and where you want to go in your love life and you don’t compromise yourself or your principles. When you are ready you will find the guy who is perfect for you. I know that sounds like a bunch of crap and there was a time where I didn’t believe it either. But I’m glad I was wrong.Hope this helps! . All the best!Much Love,Joe

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