Dean Answers Questions About David Cook Dating

Thomas asks…

David Cook is dating Kimberley Caldwell. What do u think about that?

I like her. I think she’s fun, pretty, smart, and witty. She’s also in the same industry. I like them together. Should have a lot in common.

Here’s the article:,,20202699,00.html
They are both former American Idol contestants.

Dean answers:

Um why do pple care so much about celeb love lifes or lives in general…its stupid

Paul asks…

who is david cook really dating?

lacey schwimmer or kimberly caldwell?

Dean answers:

Kim caldwell…ick. Shes such a famewhore. I HATED her on idol, more so than kristy lee cook this season, and i culdnt stand that girl!

I hope he comes to his senses and ends it! Sure, shes pretty, but good looks only go so far..

David asks…

Why are people making a big deal out of the David Cook/Kimberly Caldwell dating thing?

I know I posted a question pertaining to the whole “dating” thing between Kimberly and David. But I realized that even though they went on a date, it doesn’t mean they are bf/gf. Sure, David‘s talked about on shows and all, but he knows that’s what people want to hear. People who have stopped supporting David because he went on a little date with her should be ashamed. They went with her family! I am sure David won;t rush into things and is more focused on his career.

Dean answers:

I think its cuz of who she is. Most ppl never liked her when she was on idol because she is a famewhore!!! On her official american idol page she says that her biggest goals in life are to be rich and famous! Lol wtf? She just seems really shallow and supperfical. If he had gone out on a date with anyone else, it wuld be a totally differant story

Richard asks…

Are David Cook and Kimberly Caldwell still dating?

Dean answers:

They recently were photographed eating lunch with Heidi and Spencer..

Steven asks…

Do you think David Cook and Lacey Schwimmer are REALLY dating?

I know this question is often asked a lot. But since David clearly stated he was single on the show, I am just hoping he is telling the truth!

Dean answers:

No, I don’t think it’s true. I’m pretty sure it originated with OK! Magazine and they’re notorious for spreading gossip. The “source” they use is absolutely ridiculous as is the entire article. I wouldn’t doubt if AI starts rumors like these themselves for publicity.
Plus, if it were true, wouldn’t TMZ be all over it like flies on you-know-what? I mean, they posted that David was taken to the hospital about TWO HOURS after he went.
Not to mention the fact that he has way too much going on right now to get involved and he’s seems smart enough to know that. He also seems smart and decent enough to not be interested in somebody like her.

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