Dean Answers Questions About Fling Dating

Donald asks…

what’s a good online dating site like fling, but doesn’t require you to use a credit card?

i tried fling but everytime i want to view a profile they want me to pay, and i really don’t want to do that. does anyone know a really good online dating site and please tell me?

Dean answers: is a really good freee site
and same thing. Try it

James asks…

Why am i recieving mail from some adult dating site called Fling?

It keeps on sending letters to my email acting like i have an account, saying somone is checking me out, and also saying people want to share pics with me??? Btw, i never opened any of the attacthments just in case their viruses.

Dean answers:

Well it’s just spam. Don’t open those emails, mark them as spam and perhaps block the sender’s address. If you’re using Yahoo mail, you can do that via Mail Options – Spam.

Mark asks…

Free fling or adultfriendfinder or free adult dating sex personals? Are any adult dating sites actually free?

I have been searching all day for a free adult dating website. Every adult site claims that it is free, but always asks for a credit card! I want to pay nothing and be able to search and contact members for free. Does anyone know of a site that is really free or are they all scams?

Dean answers:

The only 100% free sex dating site i’ve come across is adultsonlylist

Richard asks…

How can i tell if a guy is interested in dating me or just a fling?

i really like this guy and we went out, to the movies and at the end of the night he kissed me goodnight (he was a total gentleman). He had invited me to a party the next day but i wasnt able to go. I’ve barely talked to him since then which was only like a week ago or less but im not sure if i should call him or text him cuz the past few times im always contacting him….so should i play hard to get or what?

Dean answers:

If he likes you, sooner or later he will make a move… And if he didn’t then he is another sonof***** but in the meantime don’t overthink

Paul asks…

If I’m on dating websites or a site like Fling does it affect my background investigation with a Police Dept?

Just curious. If so I’m gonna cancel the accounts. I’m currently in the background investigation portion. Would that keep me from getting the job?

Dean answers:

Trust me, they investigate every website you’ve ever been on. They can even track every Q or A you’ve ever posted on here. Every My Space account you’ve ever visited, facebook, etc.

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