Dean Answers Questions About Free Online Sims Dating Games

Robert asks…

Anyone know of any free online dating sims for girls??

Anyone know of any free online dating sims for girls??
there are some many where u have to get the girl does anyone know of any where u get the guy?? plz give the site address or a link or at least the name of the game.
i mean dating specifically not just a sim world

Dean answers:

The only one I know of is the Naruto Dating Sim. But if you aren’t into Naruto, you probably won’t like this very much.

George asks…

Does anybody know where I can download the Enzai dating sims game free online?

Without viruses. And no sending me to your own personal hacker sights either plz. XD I want a safe way. And if not, tell me where I can buy it if their is a place. I don’t mean an online store like ebay either, I mean one that I can drive to in Longview Texas. I don’t buy things over the internet.

Dean answers:


^ torrent file for the ENGLISH~ version of enzai :D
i downloaded it and it’s perfectly fine.. No viruses
but you’ll need to use bittorrent or other programs to download
the game is preeetty awesome ^^

if you’re looking for the japanese version, you can go on the aarinfantasy forums and look for it (although i recommend downloading the english version)

i don’t think you can buy this in stores though.. The only way is probably online. So just download from the link i gave above ^

hope that helps (:

Ken asks…

Free Dating Sims or Visual Novel online?

Links would be appreciated nothing rated higher than PG-13 so far I have played Re:Alistair, Date warp,
and Fatal Hearts Downloadable games are welcome.

Dean answers:

Free visual novels:

Mostly very short, but you kind of expect that for free.

Dating sims:

These sites do flash dating sims for girls (unlike the ones on newgrounds which are usually for boys and full of porn and drugs)

William asks…

where can i find free online games like the sims virtual dating game?

Dean answers:

Please visit the above pages. I hope it helps u.

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