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Thomas asks…

Ways to get someone to notice you?

So there’s a girl I see all the time in the hallway. Is there any way I could get her to notice me because I don’t want to be creepy and just be like hey and I think one of my friends knows her but I don’t want to be weird and just be like do you know so and sO? Is there any way I could try getting her to talk to me or something?

Dean answers:

GIve her a compliment. Be like, “Hey, I like your shirt,” and then introduce yourself. After introducing yourself, just say “I have to go, see you around,” just to leave an air of mystery. Trust me, when a guy comes up to a girl, girls are totally flattered by it, and they won’t be able to stop thinking about you. When you see her again you should wave or smile at her.

Michael asks…

What is the correct way to ask out a girl?

Here is an example of a failed attempt a few weeks ago

me: “Hi there, how is it going”
her: She looks at me and says “fine”
me: what you doing standing here all alone”?
her: “Oh, I’m just waiting for my friend” (awkward silence after)
me: ten seconds later. “hey, uhh…. whats your name?”
her: “Naomi
me: oh wow what a cool name im joe
me: (five seconds of silence)you look pretty “hey, I was wondering if you would like to go out some time?”
her: “Uhh……(shows a weird smile) I don’t know.
me: oh why not do you not like me?
her: i gotta go sorry
You get the idea. I know I blew please give me some tips
2 months ago (Tiebreaker)

Dean answers:

You want to try to engage her, not just ask her out right away. And then going on the defensive (you asking “why not, do you not like me?”) was definitely the wrong way to go. Politely saying hello, introducing yourself, and asking for her name is a good way to start. Then ask about school or music to see if you have mutual interests. Don’t go in expecting that she’ll immediately want to go out with you. You are a stranger after all.

Joseph asks…

Would YOU Date THIS Girl?

Don’t say you are too old, pretend you aren’t. If you are a girl pretend you are a guy because I need lots of opinions.

Right now she’s 17.

She dropped out of high school her junior year because of extreme bullying but she got her GED and started college a year early. She has a hard time trusting people and not too many friends.

Used to be overweight but lost a lot of weight, went from being a nottie to hottie. She’s 5’8.

Her real dad basically walked out of her life when she was a toddler.
She tried meeting him again when she was 14 but it didn’t workout (that was for nine months only).

Works at a grocery store. She’s a hard worker. After only five months of working there she was promoted. She goes into work anytime they need her too, she always comes in early and stays later.

She graduated with the highest possible score on the GED, when she was in school she was in the top 10% of her class.

She’s never smoked, drank, or done drugs.

She’s never had a boyfriend, been kissed, or had sex.

She’s very close with her parents, little sister, and grandparents.

Once I got to know her she was really funny.

She’s sweet and very polite. Most people think she’s very religious.

I don’t know if she has too much baggage.

What do you think about a girl like this? Would you date her?

Dean answers:

Yeah, she seems like a person that is really worth knowing and she deserves a guy that she can trust and that can protect her so she doesn’t go through the bulling again.

John asks…

Is it alright for a guy to hit a girl even after a girl has hit him?

i know that its not right for both sexes to hit each other. this happened to me today and i know that its my fault and it started with me. you see, my bf and i have been together for four years. we had our ups and downs but we always manage to work things out and love each other more everyday. the thing is…my bf is very stubborn and he has a high temper. i know sometimes i do things that piss my bf off.

i don’t like his temper and when he swears. it is just a turn off everytime i hear him swear while driving or just using it in everyday language. i always tell him how i hate it when he swears. usually, i always defend his younger sister and brothers when he yells at them.

today, we fought over something small. he was going ballistic. slamming door, window..he was mad. he was yelling at me and all. i was getting teary and took my bag because i was about to leave. he was in my way and i just wanted to hit him so bad. somehow, i just did and punch him in the stomach as i passed him. i dunno..maybe it was just reflex. i guess he was sooooo mad that i did that and punched me on the side and pushed me against the wall and left the room. i was in a state of shock. his younger siblings saw and were shocked and silent. my bf came back in and i told him that its NOT RIGHT TO HIT A GIRL. he told me i disrespected him and that he would hit me only if i hit him. do you think he’s right? i dunno anymore. i mean i did hit him so its my fault and i probably deserved it. he also told me i disrespected his family because i caused a scene (well it was in his room and only two of his younger silbings saw)

what do you guys think? i just don’t know if i’m right. i know what i did was wrong. but DO YOU THINK ITS WRONG TO HIT A GIRL OR RIGHT AFTER A GIRL HITS YOU?

Dean answers:

It is always wrong to use violence against another except in self defence. This was hardly self-defence. You both did the wrong thing here… But he definitely overreacted and sounds like a violent @$$hole. Dump him!!!

Daniel asks…

How to bring a Budgie home from the pet store?

I’m going to get my first Budgie and I’m a bit confused on how to bring it home from the pet store, like do I need to bring a travel cage? or do they give you a little box? And can you please give me tips and ideas on how to tame it? And how to take care of it. All will be appreciated, thank you ! :) OH and by the way, can you tell me how to tell if it’s a boy or a girl? Okay thank you.

Dean answers:

Yes, almost all pet shops will put a Parakeet in a small box for you to bring it home in. Make sure your cage is all set up and ready for it with toys, food, water, and newspaper for the bottom of the cage. Put the cage in a quiet place. You do want it somewhere that it can interact with you. Do make sure you get the wings clipped as it is much easier to finger tame a bird that cannot fly away when you try to reach for it. Don’t try to pick it up for a few days, let it get used to its surroundings and it’s new family first. Sit calmly by the cage and just talk to it at first. When you notice it is being calm with you, try putting your hand into the cage with a millet spray. You can also leave the door open when you are sitting next to the cage and when it comes out try putting your finger below its breast and a little above its feet and sort of push your finger gently against it saying, “step-up”. It may or may not do it right away, but keep trying. Also, birds use their beaks like we use our hands, so it may reach out with its beak to steady itself when stepping up onto your hand. Don’t yank your hand away. You may get bitten a few times, but it doesn’t really hurt that bad.

The best thing to do and remember is to stay calm and quiet. Try not to scare it. Remember that it is new, a baby and very small compared to us.

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    I’ve never been married, don’t think I’d want that eiethr, but I dated a girl who was divorced. She was nice but she kept neglecting me, basically she put me in her friend zone? so I ended the relationship. I won’t be a doormat for girls. But the Truth is, breakups hurt both the guy and the girl

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