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Ken asks…

Whats the difference between DotA and other Computer games?

is it worth your money?
what lessons do you get from playing dota?
why is it played mostly by boys and girls?

need answers. tnx:)

Dean answers:

Dota is a strategy game and can get very addicting
The problem is most people find it too difficult to enjoy and don’t play it. The people who do learn are usually the ones who enjoy it.
Ex: my sister

Each game lasts anywhere from 20- 2 and a half hours. One hour average.

Dota is a mod for the game Warcraft 3 the frozen throne, so you’ll need to buy warcraft 3 first.

Umm, you hardly learn any thing from most video games, it’s just to entertain, though if one is to be optimistic, it requires alot of communication with team mates, logic, planning, high awareness, and fast reactions.

As to if it’s worth your money…. I’d say go out and play some thing else or get a girl/boy friend first. Video games are great fun, but alot of things are better then them.

David asks…

I’m getting disconnected from Dota when the game starts. What seems to be the problem?

I recently downloaded the 1.24e patch for Dota. I have the latest maps and the firewall settings allow both G-arena and Warcraft. Still when i join a game and game starts i get disconnected automatically. Please help.

Dean answers:

It must be patch error. Plz check which patch is been used by the host….

George asks…

What good games besides warcraft 3 and dota?

I love Dota and some times i get tired of playing the same thing so i would like to play some fps or rpg games or pretty much any game that is awsome. P.S i might get red fraction or unreal tournament. Here are my specs

Direct X 9.0c compliant video card with 128MB RAM (NVIDIA 6600 or better/ATI X1300 or better, excluding ATI X1550).

Dean answers:

If you want to be the best in World of Warcraft, you need to check this out.

Steven asks…

What is the best items for your hero on DoTA?

I always change a hero everytime i play DoTA.I just want to get cool items to make me stronger and die longer even if used on any hero. If it is a recipe item, tell me where to buy it and where can i buy its ingredients.

Dean answers:

Well if you just want to stay alive for a long time why not get a vanguard?


Stout Shield
Ring of Health
Vitality stone

Vanguard adds like 250 hp, +8 hp regen and 60% chance to block 40 damage.

And another item i recommend is Perseverance cause it makes your HP and MP regen faster, and you can always make your perseverace into a battle fury or Linkens sphere etc.

But really a good item always depends on your hero’s primary attribute.

If you’re str get 2 bracers at the beginning of the game
If you’re agi get 2 wraith bands at the beginning of the game
If you’re int get 2 null of talismans at the beginning of the game.

Thats it actually.

John asks…

How can you play DOTA whilst in the comfort of your home?

I just moved here in the UK after a short stint of DOTA craziness in the Philippines. Sadly, DOTA seems not to be a big cybergame here as I cannot find any Internet Cafes that offer LAN games.So i am confined to play it online.Can anyone give me a step-by-step guide on how to set-up an online account as i am a proper noob when it comes to online gaming.Thanks and hoping to get some answers soon…

Dean answers:

First you buy Warcraft 3 and Warcraft 3 Frozen throne (i recommend the battle chest)

then you install them onto your computer

download the Dota map at into the maps folder, should be something like
my computer > c drive> program folders> warcraft III> maps> downloaded

start up frozen throne click battle net, click on create account, make a new account

when you are in battle net press custom game and play dota

Paul asks…

How to level up fast in DOTA?

How do you level up faster in DOTA? Do you have to last hit kill? I dont get it, my teammates are already lvl 16 and im still level 12. BTW, I use Kardel. If there is another hero thats better to lvl up, please share.

Also, 1 more question, what button do you press to bring up people’s health?

Dean answers:

The fastest levelling hero is Meepo, the Kobold Geomancer. Proper use of his Poof ability kills neutral creeps easily and allows you to lane and creep farm at the same time. HOWEVER, like all heroes, you have to learn how to:

1. Last hit. This is essentially waiting for enemy creeps’ life to go low, then hitting them to gain max experience and gold from the kill.
2. Deny. This is to kill your own creeps when their hit points drop low before the enemy hero can last hit them. This reduces the experience and gold they gain over the entire game, and allows you to level gap them.

Bringing up health. Oh yeah. That’s a bug with Warcraft itself. But since it’s there, people make use of it. Click your hero, press ctrl+1, ctrl+2, ctrl+3, ctrl+4. When you need to speed up cooldowns, or when you need to regenerate, just tap 1,2,3,4 in rapid succession. Be careful. This speeds up regenerations, but also speeds up poison damage and all buff durations, positive or negative.

Here are easy-to-level heroes. Meepo, Zeus, Lich, Clinkz…

Just think of heroes with damage increasing skills, high mana regen, low mana cost, and/or choice nukes.

Joseph asks…

How can i create a game for Dota on warcraft?

I know like something about the port or i dont know. When i create a game on battlenet, nobody joins. Is it a firewall or something? How do i get rid of wutever is not letting anyone join my game.

Dean answers:

If every single time you create any games and no one ever seems to join, tis may indeed be due to your Firewall. There is a port that needs to be opend up to allow other players to see and join your game.

If you are able to have other people join your other games, then it may be because no one wants to join your game.

But I think it’s more because of a port setting on your fire wall.

Check the Battlenet website under support settings and see which port you need to have open.

Chris asks…

What is a safe website where I can get the ringtone dota for free on vervizon wireless phone?

I want the ringtone dota for my verizon for my verizon phone for free

Dean answers:

For Verizon Specifically

Go to It is free-safe-legit-reliable
Follow this instruction:

step 1: use their free online ringtone maker,
they will let you upload an mp3 file or a youtube video
step2: press their send to phone button, and wait

option #2 : if you don’t get the free ringtone that way, do this
step 1: download the ringtone to your pc
step 2: create a new email (from gmail, hotmail, yahoo) , and send the ringtone (as an attachment) to your phone’s pix address which is
step 3: wait for the ringtone to arrive

option #3 : if you don’t get the ringtone that way, do this
* buy a memory card
* put the ringtone on the memory card
* insert it in your phone, and create a new pix message, and text the ringtone to your own number.
* you will get a message with the ringtone, just open the message and select “set as ringtone”

option #4 : if you don’t get the ringtone that way, do this
step 1: read the tutorials on Ventones for verizon, they give you clear step by step instruction,
read up on their most reliable delivery method. ALL FREE.

Explore the site Tutorials, Online Ringtone Creator, Free.
Enjoyy the most amazing site.

William asks…

How to get unbanned from dota pubs?

My little cousin played on my wc3 account and i know for a fact he left many of the games (dota). well now i got banned from because a jerk requested it. any way i can plea for an unban?

Dean answers:

Post something in the forums appeal e.g “username”ban appeals etc. But sometimes there is a time limit before u can appeal. My friend was not unbanned unforunately so. I’m suggesting too appeal for it in the forums if there is one.

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