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Richard asks…

Im kinda new to DotA so i was wondering how I get power treads?

There’s no recipe and its not sold anywhere, how do I get them?

Dean answers:

Boots of speed/Gloves of haste/Belt of giant strength should get u der, check all the shops for those 3 items.

Robert asks…

What are the best items to buy for razor and zeus in DotA 6.60?

I would like to know which items should i get for Razor and Zeus in Warcraft 3 DotA v6.60…
I know some good items like Vanguard and Battle Fury but I don’t know which items should I begin with at the very first few minutes of the game…
Any help would be very appreciated and thanks a lot in advance!

Dean answers:

Zeus is unchanged from 6.59, only a few item differences were made. Begin with boots of speed and a healing salve or tango if you’re confident; or you can start with a combination of items needed for Null Talismans (such as a ring of regeneration and a circlet of nobility or two circlets and 6 tangos, etc). As you work your way up, buy a point booster in the lane if possible (assuming you farmed well enough; this is for HP and Mana, as well as for your scepter later), then head base to finish two Null Talismans. Another option would be to buy a Ring of Health and possibly make a Perseverance in the lane, which adds greatly to both HP and Mana regeneration, and can be used for Refresher Orb later on. Regardless, you should have 2 Null Talismans and Boots of Speed by the time you start ganking. Finish the Ultimate Scepter then Boots of Travel; then work your way towards a Refresher Orb to continue dominating the game with double ults. Items to get after you have finished Boots of Travel, Aghanim’s Scepter (ultimate staff), and Refrehser Orb are: Guinsoo’s Scythe of Vyse (sheepstick), Orchid Malevolence, Shiva’s Guard, Heart of Tarrasque, and Dagon. I would go with Heart of Tarrasque, Shiva’s Guard, and Dagon to fill in the last three slots, because:

1. Zeus is fragile (low natural HP and armor)
2. Dagon should work with static field and definetly with Refresher Orb; this adds to your incredible early and mid game nuking power, enabling you to still be incredibly damaging late game
3. Shiva’s Guard not only gives a large intelligence and armor boost, it also decreases the attack speed of all nearby enemy units by 25% and can cast Freezing Blast. Excellent if you are being chased by an enemy hero or are chasing a wounded enemy hero.

Razor is rather controversial at the moment, for most do not believe the current skillset will stick around. Razor has been buffed quite a bit from the 6.59 version. Before 6.60, Razor was a typical end-game DPS hero with great farming ability at all stages of the game. In 6.60, Razor becomes an incredible hero killing machine, but at the cost of no passive 2HP regeneration and a reduced attack range. Item builds for him however, should ALWAYS include: Boots of Travel, Butterfly, and Butterfly. Monkey King Bar is a good choice of damage, but Butterfly remains the ultimate DPS item (granting 60 damage and 60 attack speed each, although the 30% evasion will not stack). In cases where you have enemy heroes getting Butterfly themselves or have passive evasion, then you should seriously consider going Monkey King Bar for the True Strike Ability. Eye of Skadi is another great item on Razor, particularly because of his already high movespeed thanks to his 3rd skill and because he can DPS enemy heroes to hell within seconds with his ultimate and two butterflies if they are slowed. Finally, for the last slot, I would go for a Vanguard, or a Heart of Tarrasque if possible (Razor has a modest HP pool and lifesteal is not as efficient on him as it used to be; the reduced attack range and no frenzy makes lifesteal useless until you have beefed up your attack speed with at least one butterfly). By the way, Lothar’s Edge is an extremely viable option early game, giving you invisibility and even MORE movespeed, allowing for almost certain escapes and more importantly, insane chasing power in the early to mid game stage with your ultimate.

Joseph asks…

How to get Warcraft (DOTA) without the CD Installer?

Anyone knows how? Perhaps downloading it Online? I don’t have and Warcraft versions on my computer :(

Dean answers:

Let me make this clear, Dota is a Warcraft 3: Frozen throne (MAP), so in order to play dota you should download Warcraft 3 First and Copy dota to your Maps Directory ….. You can download warcraft 3 online mb by using torrents or Google search … ;)

James asks…

What do the heros get in dota allstars in warcraft 3?

PLz help me ive been looking around forver and dont know what to do. What do the heros get? The items??? I just want to know a list of what all the heros get (items they get). Thank you very mcuh

Dean answers:

Um, I’m not sure what you mean by “what do they get,” but they don’t start out with any items, only a choice of abilities. There are shops in the bases and hidden shops where you can buy items.

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