Dean Answers Questions About Get Fuzzy

Paul asks…

How do I prevent the knees on my jeans from getting fuzzy?

I can’t stand it when my jeans get like that, and it doesn’t take them a very long time to getfuzzy“. How can I prevent this?

Dean answers:

Never, ever bend your legs ever again.

Robert asks…

What is the best way to shave my fuzzy balls?

I love wearing sweaters in the winter but after a few times of being washed, my sweaters get these little fuzzy balls on them. Someone from school told me that I can shave them, but I’m afraid to do it since I never done it before. If I use a straight disposable razor, won’t I cut my sweater? Or should I use my brother’s electric razor? Would it ruin the electric razor? What is the best way to shave my fuzzy balls?
Yahoo chose the catorgory.

Dean answers:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAAHA wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy toooooooooo funnnnnnnnnnny..ok..this is what i do with those fuzzy balls…im very careful not to shave too fast or too close and i lift the sweater and take my quad razor and slowly take care of the problem…no more fuzzy balls

Thomas asks…

Where can you get really comfortable fuzzy baby blankets from?

My aunt is having a baby and i want to get one of those fuzzy really soft baby blankets. Where can you get them?

Dean answers:

Maybe try Babies R Us or Buy Buy Baby. I know they have lots of soft baby blankets there!

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