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Richard asks…

Get Smart?

Hey, I wanted to take some people and kids out to see Get Smart, the new movie with Steve Carrell. Those of you that have seen it, would it be appropriate for 12 and 13 year olds?

Dean answers:

I just saw it last night, and i would say it’s appropriate for 12 and 13 year olds. There are no drugs, no drinking, no nudity (just a scene that shows steve carrell’s butt). I honestly don’t even think there was more than a word or two of cussing. There are a few sexual remarks, and there are two points in the movie where homosexuality is brought up, but they are both in humor. All around i think it’s a good, safe movie for your group.
It was absolutely hilarious and will leave you in a feel-good mood all night =). Steve carrell and anne hathaway were fabulous, as well as “the rock”. Great movie!

Robert asks…

get smart??

does anyone know when get smart is going to stop playing in theaters?

Dean answers:

There’s probably not an exact date, but this movie did really well on its opening weekend, so probably not for another couple of months

Joseph asks…

How could I get a girl to like me?

How can i get a girl in middle school to like me more. I really really love her. She’s pretty and smart.
But i am really really shy and don’t know how to even ask her out.

Dean answers:

Easy, just late go of the shy that you have and try to talk and smile to a girl i think if you handsome and attractive you can find someone that loving you…

Paul asks…

GeT SMART!!?!?!?

What was your Favourite part of the movie Get Smart?

Dean answers:

When the guy got stapled in the head.

Steven asks…

Get smart??

When the movie will release?Starring the rock and the great khali.
Sorry this is the site

Dean answers:

The Rock is going to be in a movie with The Great Khali?

That’s news to me!

Where did you hear that?

Edit:Omg,he really is going to be in there with The Rock.I didn’t know that.Thanks!

Ken asks…


Looks like a funny movie! I want to see it but when does it come out?

Dean answers:

Ehh, wrong section…

David asks…

How smart do you really have to be in highschool to become a doctor?

I am pretty smart but certainly not a genious. I have a 4.2 G.P.A out of a 5.0 scale and i am about top 25th percent in my school. I just recently got a 28 on my ACT and all of the people at my school who want to be doctors are really smart. I love chemistry, biology, and math, but can i get through the courses in college? What percent of Pre-Med students fail out?

Dean answers:

I can’t give you the exact % of pre-med students that fail out, but if you truely want to become a doctor, then you should strive and go for it. GPA really helps, but from my understand, they only weight your GPA as a small % of when they recruit you into med school. You write an MCAT exam after your undergrad degree, and you also get interviewed in person to get a feel for your personality. So really, don’t let anyone stop you from doing what you want, you just need to go out there and do it.

Daniel asks…

How smart would a species have to be before it got human rights?

Let’s say evolution took its toll on a common animal species. How smart would it have to get before it got the same rights as us?

Dean answers:

I think as soon as animals are able to defend their own rights, such as develop language skills, then they will be given “human rights”. At the moment, its still dangerous to let most animals roam the streets freely. They would have to be able to abide by our laws too.

Michael asks…

What will help me win the smart contest all ranks on pokemon diamond?

i want to get all the smart contest ribbons on diamond. All i want to figure out is where i can get moves that are smart moves for the contest and what berries will raise my Azelfs smartness on poffins.

Dean answers:

Skill Swap is a good move and it is in Canalave City and these berries will make your Azelf smarter: Aguav Berry

Chople Berry
Coba Berry
Colbur Berry
Custap Berry
Durin Berry
Enigma Berry
Ganlon Berry
Haban Berry
Hondew Berry
Jaboca Berry
Kelpsy Berry
Lansat Berry
Leppa Berry
Lum Berry
Magost Berry
Nanab Berry
Niniku Berry
Nutpea Berry
Oran Berry
Passho Berry
Persim Berry
Petaya Berry
Pomeg Berry
Rabuta Berry
Rawst Berry
Rindo Berry
Sitrus Berry
Starf Berry
Strib Berry
Topo Berry
Watmel Berry
Wepear Berry
Yago Berry

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