Dean Answers Questions About Get Smart

Thomas asks…

How smart can I be if I would read 10mins a day?

I neveer read! I get soo bord on the weekdays and weekends I dont know what to do, my Ma suggested reading. I have failing grades, how smart if I would read, and I also study too!

Dean answers:

I guess you would be much smarter.
10 min a day adds up to 3600 minutes a year, or 60 hours. If it takes you to read a page in 2 min, that would make up 1800 pages or 9 books with an average of 200 pages each. In 10 years you could have read 90 books. An that;s just for 10 min a day. Think about how much time you spent a day watching commercials.

Robert asks…

How can smart gas help prevent fires after earthquakes?

I do not get what smart gas is, and why it would help prevent quakes? Actually I do not get why fire has to do with earthquakes.

Dean answers:

I must admit that I do not know off hand how smart gas works. I assume that it somehow ceases to flow from a ruptured gas main, either some property intrinsic to the gas and/or shutoff valves on the pipelines.

Smart gas will not prevent earthquakes, nothing will prevent earthquakes. The only real solutions lie in mitigating the after effects. Earthquakes will often set off fires, by rupturing gas mains as I mentioned, even something as simple as food left cooking on a stove in the panic of an earthquake.
Fire services may be out of action following a severe quake or unable to access the flames or simply overwhelmed by the number of fires which develop. Fires along with disease are major killers among those people who survive the initial collapse of buildings.

Paul asks…

How do smart students always seem to know everything?

They get almost everything right. How do they become so resourceful so quickly? A teacher assigns everyone a chapter to read, and the next day they seem to have already know everything from it. How do they learn so fast.Do they actually study real hard or are they just naturally smart?

Dean answers:

The smartest thing smart people understand is how to get and understand the information they need to as fast as possible and recite that information when called upon. They get to the point.

It is not that hard once you understand how they do it.

John asks…

What Verizon smart phone should i get for work? I need email, internet and lots of apps.?

I need a smart phone that I will use primarily for work so i need a smooth email experience. Part of my job also includes researching cell phone apps.

I can’t get an iphone because my company uses Verizon.

Are most apps that are built for iphone also built for blackberry? What about the droid? Does it compare with Blackberry in terms of email?

Dean answers:

Droid is not good for e-mail I would recommend a blackberry. The storm is a cool phone, lots of apps and great for e-mail.

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