Dean Answers Questions About Girlfriend Gifts

Chris asks…

What Romantic, Nice gifts can I buy for my girlfriend?

I like to buy my girlfriend gifts from time to time but I have ran out of ideas for what to get her. I’ve done roses, flowers, perfume, a teddy bear and a necklace. I want to continue doing this but I don’t what to get her.

Dean answers:

Well.. If you have a lot of money to spend, maybe for a special occasion like your anniversary you can do a couples spa day… Go to a spa that is a little bit away, so you can make a romantic day trip out of it. My bf took me to a spa about an hour outside town and we had massages and i had a pedicure and then we sat in a hot tub for a while. After that he had packed me a picnic lunch and we sat at a close by beach. It was a great and relaxing day.

You can maybe cook for her… If you have never done that before. She will appreciate the effort. People like when you put effort into something as opposed to spending lots of money on something they don’t need.

I bake my bf stuff all the time and then i take time to package it pretty. He loves it..

Just anything you can put some thought into that she likes doing too. Take her to a concert/ game…If you must spend loads of money on her take her for a shopping spree to your local mall. Beware though, that can get expensive fast!

James asks…

when are you supposed to start giving your boyfriend/girlfriend gifts?

i’ve been dating my boyfriend for almost 5 months now,
and i like buying gifts for people, so i want to get him something
on our 5 month but is that weird? are you supposed to only give eachother a gift once you hit a year?

Dean answers:

I think it’s ok for you to give him a gift. You could give it to him as a thank you gift for what he does to you in the past months you’ve been together. And it be more meaningful and sweet if the gift is made by yourself.. Or small things that he might need.

William asks…

How to make my girlfriend accept gifts?

Hi everyone, i have a girlfriend who’s amazing and beautiful but she never accepts gifts from me. It doesn’t matter what it is. I have tried telling her I want her to have said items but she will not take them. I also tried throwing them at her and running but then they appear in my car, shoes, etc again. How can i reason with her?!

Dean answers:

Next time you try to give me something. I won’t only be giving it back, but taking appendages away with a knife…

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