Dean Answers Questions About Girlfriend Gifts

Thomas asks…

Is it weird that I buy my girlfriend gifts from the dollar store?

Well they’re pretty good stuff and she doesn’t know they’re from there so it’s ok right? Is that normal?

Dean answers:

That’s a dollar more then I spend on chicks :D

Joseph asks…

is it necessary to get your girlfriend gifts every month anniversary?

I understand the year anniversary is a big deal…but every month?

Dean answers:

I could understand getting each other something for being together for six months and even then something small say a rose or chocolates. But not each and every month that is just ridiculous !

Mark asks…

can a felon get custody when he gets out if his girlfriend is sending gifts and money to the mother?

my friend has a baby who’s father is in prison. his girlfriend keeps sending the baby cloths and money in the forms of gift cards and cash. She is worried that when he gets out of prison he can use those gifts to prove that he is able to support the baby and that his girlfriend would be a good mother and try to get custody. The father is in prison for a violent felony. can any one tell me if those gifts could be used against her in the future and if she should return the cloths and money?

Dean answers:

She should keep the stuff. At best, they’re a form of child support. The father can always TRY to get custody. However, a violent felon has little chance of custody. She should not lose sleep over it.

James asks…

How to stop my girlfriend from giving me gifts?

My girlfriend gives me several home-made gifts or store-bought gifts, every week. I think its nice, but she is going over-board. I already have 20 gifts from her which I have kept. I appreciate them, but it is not necessary for her to shower me with these gifts, all the time.

Just being with her is gift enough. How do I tell her nicely?

Dean answers:

Next time she gives you something, gently place it on the table, grab her hands, look into her eyes and say something like, “Thank you, but being with you is gift enough. You don’t need to buy me things.”

David asks…

What are some good gifts for my girlfriend for Christmas?

I am trying to think of some really good gifts to give my girlfriend for Christmas. She says that she doesn’t want anything (like I do lol) so she won’t give me any ideas. Although, she is a big Tokio Hotel fan, and since they have a new album out I was thinking about getting it for her. But I don’t know if she has it yet. So, if you would please give me some good ideas for gifts, thanks!!!

Dean answers:

For a cute gift have your picture made with Santa together then frame it

merry christmas

Charles asks…

How to help my bestfriend and my bestfriends girlfriend pick out gifts 4 each other?

im friends with my bestfriends girlfriend and today they both asked what to get the other one I don’t know what to do and I need to figure out a gift 4 each of them to get the other one without the other 1 knowing what they’re getting

Dean answers:

You can help them by suggesting something useful and helpful device at the same time, just like a test equipment.

Donald asks…

What are good Christmas gifts for my friends girlfriend? $15-$30?

What are good Christmas gifts for my friends girlfriend.?
i got a gift for my friends girlfriend and it took me a long time to figure out what to get her. But my friends boyfriend has know idea what to get can u please help him think of some idea!!!!

Dean answers:

glass rose :P
crystal peice (they can be pretty cheap)

William asks…

what are good meaning full gifts for a 14 year old girlfriend?

i need to get a gift for my girlfriend but i really want it to be meaning full..

any idea’s?

Dean answers:

A locket wif ur pics:)

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