Dean Answers Questions About Girlfriend Gifts

John asks…

Any great eCard’s or other Virtual Gifts to send to a Girlfriend for Christmas?

I’m looking for really nice eCards/Online Cards,Some way to maybe create your own eCard? or any other Virtual Christmas Gift for a Girlfriend.
I’ve done Google searches and I didn’t like any of the sites,Thanks.

Dean answers:

If she is interested in Virtual world games a Game Card from which gives access to 200+ online games and worlds would make the perfect gift for her.

William asks…

When your girlfriend insists on no gifts for her birthday?

My girlfriend of 5 months insists that I do not get anything for her on her birthday. It seems to me that I should probably find a way to honor her wishes but also go against them at the same time. Such as not getting her an actual gift but taking her somewhere, doing something for her she doesn’t expect, etc. Has anyone else been in this position? I feel sort of like I’m in a catch-22.

Dean answers:

If I were in your shoes, I’d do something for her and risk her ire for being overboard, instead of doing nothing and have it brought up two years later when you’re fighting about something totally irrelevant.

Michael asks…

What are great valentine’s day gifts for a girlfriend?

My girlfriend and I have been together for 4 months so I was thinking of what a good valentine’s day gift would be for her. I don’t want it to be serious since we have only been seeing each other for a short time, but I still want it to be loving. Any suggestions?
We are both freshmen in college.

Dean answers:


Thomas asks…

What are some cute gifts for a roller-derby girlfriend?

My girlfriend is a roller derby girl and I’m trying to find some cute gifts for her for Christmas. I was trying to find maybe a stuffed bear or cat on roller skates, but nobody seems to make such a thing. I even tried the Vermont Teddy Bear site, but they had nothing. What are some cute ideas and where can I find them. I’m looking to spend around $50 or so, so I’d like to get her more than band-aids or socks. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Dean answers:

If you like the teddy bear idea, you may want to try Build-A-Bear: They don’t have a pre-made roller derby bear, but they do have roller skates and lots of other clothing for the bear that you could mix and match to make a derby outfit. You could also buy a baby’s white t-shirt and some transfer paper to put your girlfriend’s derby team logo on the t-shirt.

Other ideas for gifts: Have you considered buying her Whip It? It’s the derby movie featuring Ellen Page. Also, this site has lots of t-shirts, buttons, aprons, cups:

Hope these ideas help!

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  1. Fatah says:

    Aquarius always tend to have a poeblrm with committing too someone, as they feel they might miss out on other things. I should know I’ve tried to date one. I would say just be open, and not stubborn. Just do what feels right. It may be a mistake, but that’s life. And we all tend to learn from them all.. Makes us stronger people in the end.I hope this helpsND

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