Dean Answers Questions About Girlfriend Gifts

Robert asks…

What are some small gifts i can use in a scavenger hunt for my girlfriend?

I am planning a scavenger hunt for my girlfriend just to show her how much i love her. But I need some ideas on some small gifts i could use at each stop she has in her hunt? I have a rose, a ring, and her favorite candy so far… can anyone think of some other good small gifts?

Dean answers:

YOU have a great idea & a good START……

How about adding a small bottle of PERFUME, a LOCKET that she can keep a picture of the 2 of you in, MUSIC that the 2 of you like is good, TICKETS to something she would like to see.
AND if you REALLY wanna score….put a little something in for her MOTHER.
Without the MOM you wouldn’t have the GIRL!………

David asks…

I have £15 to spend on my girlfriend, what fun gifts can I get?

I have already spent £185 on my girlfriend‘s Xmas presents, I have a further £15 remaining to spend. I was hoping to get some fun gifts, stocking fillers some would say.

I can’t actually think of anything though.

The two main presents I have bought her fall into the categories of jewellery and clothing.


Dean answers:

Well, you can’t have christmas without chocolate filled gold coins and smelly stuff (soaps, bath bombs etc) never fail to be appreciated.

Other than that, well she’s your girlfriend and only you know what she likes!

Paul asks…

Should I not buy my girlfriend all these gifts?

My girlfriend is kind of mad at me right now but we talk all the time. She knows i’m bringing over some surprise tomorrow but I don’t know what I should bring. I was thinking giant teddy bear, flowers, card, and a dress. Is that too much or do you guys have any other ideas?

Dean answers:

It depends….how mad is she? And about what? Depending on the situation that may be ok or u may need to spring for something more. What you could also do is ensure that what you’re getting her is something she will want though. Think long and hard about her and see if you can perhaps find something more sentimental that she will like. Like a dress but one you’ve seen or heard her talking about or something else that you’re sure she would love. Good luck!!

Daniel asks…

is it necessary to give my girlfriend gifts?

i want to give her something as a gift to ask her to homecoming but my mom says that my girlfriend would come to expect gifts all the time. Ladies is this true?

Dean answers:

For some girl yes, (sad but true) but this girl might not be like that it might really make her day for you to ask her to homecoming and have a gift for her to that really nice

John asks…

How can I send flowers and gifts to my Chinese girlfriend on valentine’s day?

My girlfriend lives in China. What’s the best way for me to do that?

Dean answers:

If you have a girlfriend in China,you can send flowers to her through this good website. Http://
You will feel their flowers are quite good and their services are quick and reliable.It will make your purchase really worth it.

Steven asks…

What are some good ideas for Christmas gifts for my girlfriend?

We are both 16. I’ve thought for a few weeks and I still have nothing that isn’t cliche. Thank you for your answers!

Dean answers:

A teddy bear with candy, a rose, a nice purse, diamond ring, nice earrings, some nice sandles or boots, makeup kit, a loveletter…

Mark asks…

What are some good gifts to get girlfriend?

gonna be goin out for a month:).. i would like to get her something nice.
or at least do something sweet for her to show her that i care.

Dean answers:

Get her a neclace/charm bracelet with ur first initial, her first initial, and someting realy importiant to her (skating-ice skate charm/dogs-dog charm.)

hope that helpsXOXO

Charles asks…

How to stop my girlfriend from giving me gifts?

My girlfriend gives me several home-made gifts or store-bought gifts, every week. I think its nice, but she is going over-board. I already have 20 gifts from her which I have kept. I appreciate them, but it is not necessary for her to shower me with these gifts, all the time.

Just being with her is gift enough. How do I tell her nicely?

Dean answers:

Tell her the truth. Say ‘I appreciate all these gifts, but I honestly don’t think it is necessary for you to shower me with them. Being with you is honestly gift enough, and I don’t need all these other things when I have you.’
I’m sure she will appreciate you telling her the truth, and she’ll enjoy the compliments. Also, it’s saving her money, which I’m sure she’ll like in the longrun.

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