Dean Answers Questions About How To Talk To Girls At School

Robert asks…

How do I talk to younger girls at my school?

I found some girls that go to my school on Facebook, but they are younger than me. I am going to be a Junior, and the one’s I would like to get to know better are Sophomores, and one is a Freshman.

How do I talk to them? Exactly what do I say? How do I start a conversation with them?

Dean answers:

Well i’ve always found younger girls unappealing .. I mean over a year .. This is cooler when your older but at a younger age the maturity gap is too large … Also any problems with parents are going to be worse since your older .. And think about any future for a relationship .. It wont be long before your 18 i’m sure and this will be illegal .. And are you setting yourself up to always date younger girls? Too many guys end up as sex offenders because of this kina thing .. But hey .. Your in high school .. Who cares?

Paul asks…

How do you talk do girls at school?

Ok well I know you’re supposed to start off by saying hi, but then what?

Dean answers:

If you know the girl then it should be easier. If you don’t then walk up and introduce yourself. Say ” hi, I’m ********.” then listen and try not to overpower the conversation. If your talking about like flirting, compliments are the best form of flattery! Just walk up and introduce yourself then compliment her on something, smile and walk back to your friends. She’ll be wondering about you because shell be intrigued. Then a few days later go up and ask her how she is then start a small conversation lasting not more then a few seconds. Tell her you want to talk later but you have to go find a friend/ talk to a teacher. Let her see you go up to a friend and chat. Then go back over to her and ask her if she wants ta hang out later. Should work pretty well. If you just want to talk to girls for friends then be honest and nice. Not to cocky cuz that’s super annoying! Good luck!

Mark asks…

how do i talk to girls at school….. i talk to them alot on myspace though.?

im getting tired of being the shy guy around school….

Dean answers:

Hey! I’m a girl( A good hint is to be like hey i’ll talk to you sometime at school, and next time you see them just kind of like drop a hey or a how are you and it will start conversation. I have a lot of guys who talk to me on myspace to but won’t talk to me at school, it drives me insane! Hope this helps.

Richard asks…

What should I do when catty girls at school talk about me?!?

So these girls at school keep talking about me behind my back and infront of me too. They use stupid code names infront me and when i confront them they say they’re talking about these jokes and stuff. They constantly pick on me and even if i say something back, there’s always two of them there and they can just overpower me. What should I do? I have never done anything to them at all because that’s how much I try to be nice. Should I care? Even though i try to act like nothin’ is wrong, I always get hurt once they say something. AARGH!!! I hate them!!!!!!!!!!

Dean answers:

You have to ignore them. I know many ppl say that but it’s true. They play mind games and when you confront them they act like your worrying for nothing. They talk about you because they are jealous of you. Don’t believe a thing they say because it’s not true. They say this stuff because they envy you and they are insecure. You should not care what they think because they are losers with no lives if their spending so much time trying to break you. Just don’t care and pay attention to better things in your life. Hope this helps : )

Joseph asks…

How and where can I effectivly talk to new girls besides at school?

I am male that is an only child and I am wondering where I can meet girls outside of school in the 18-19 year old range. Does anyone also know of any only child clubs in the philadelphia area? I think that may help me build my confidence.
i dont have a definite preference, but probably white girls.

Dean answers:

At the mall
clubs am no sure of.

Why does the race matters but I guess everyone has a taste so I hear but all races of girls are at the mall,online ect. No one place they will not be, even at the beach is all races but anyway your best bet is online like LW is a teen site and some people have hooked up from there just put in LW teen forums…but am thinking just take it easy and let a relationship come to you because you could end up with the wrong one…..whats the rush really?

Am 20 years old and I used to be in a rush but no matter what I would get these fast guys always and to find out I think all of you are that way….no offense…but am just going to wait even if it takes me forever.

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