Dean Answers Questions About How To Talk To Girls On The Phone

George asks…

How do i talk to this girl on the phone o.o;?

i just got this girls number…and uhh…ive told ppl ive had relationships in the past, but i lied cuz im an idiot. so yeah..this girl gave me her number, i really like her, i think she likes me, and uhh… what do i say what do i do?! im nervous as hell right now!!! i dont know what to say or what to do!! help me please!!!!!!!

Dean answers:

Pick up the phone, dial the number and just start talking, relax and it will be fine

Michael asks…

What do I talk about with a girl on the phone for the first time?

Lets say that we were never on a date and I just got her number. I know that I just don’t say right away : “so anyway, how about we go out friday night?”. We’re supposed to talk for about 5 minutes and then I bring up the date. So what do I say/talk about for about 5 minutes?

Dean answers:

Ask her to tell you about herself and you do the same. If she doesn’t feel comfortable with talking on the phone ask her out on a date.

Daniel asks…

Should I be upset about my boyfriend talking to other girls on the phone?

Well i just moved out of my boyfriend’s house since we were having some issues. we still talk and see each other, but yesterday i went through his phone (i know i had no right) and i saw that he had called a personals line (“for hot, local singles), and also 2 other girls that he apparently met downtown the other day. meanwhile, he tells me he HATES talking on the phone, so i should just text him (yet he’s talking to these girls and calling a chat line?!) also one of his guy friends texted him asking if he had a girl, and my man responded with “it’s iffy you know how b*tches are”. i was furious especially because i’m pregnant with his baby and all week he has been telling me that i’m his “wifey” and he only wants to be with me and he loves me, blah blah blah. i have a potential other man in the picture, so should i just forget about this one and move on or forgive him? i’m at such a loss!!
oh yeah and i totally believe that he didn’t “do” anything with them. and he did see how upset i got and first texted them telling them to stop calling him. and a couple hours later changed his number. so he really is trying…
**For the record, this “potential other guy” in my life is actually an ex from a couple years ago who also has a daughter and is willing to be a father figure to mine. Because my current man does have 2 children from his ex that he barely even sees. That’s why this gets so complicated!! **

Dean answers:

Hey..u should be careful with him…it’s great that he’s trying, but do you think your ex will REALLY be there for the baby? Why did you guys break up in the first place? Was it for a good reason? DONT bring your past to your present.

AND i think you can do better than both of them who are out making babies. You need to keep ur baby’s father in your life b/c you have a baby together, other than that you don’t need nobody that refers to you as a bit ch. PLUS with a baby on the way you just dont need that stress!!!!

You will find someone who doesnt have that extra baggage of so many kids who will love you for you, along with your baby. Dont settle for less than you deserve!take care mama

Joseph asks…

How do I talk to girls?

I’ve only had a little experience, but as far as i can tell, i suck at talking to girls. I don’t know if i just choke up or if i just don’t have anything to say, but there are always awkward silences whenever i’m on the phone or talking in person. I don’t know what I’m supposed to think say or do

Dean answers:

I wouldn’t worry about those awkward silences… I find those rather normal. Find a girl you are comfortable around and practice talking to her. Just be confident, don’t worry about the silences or how you sound. I’m sure you are fine, if you aren’t a good speaker, just make sure you are a good listener. Girls can talk about themselves for hours and prob won’t notice whether or not you say anything lol jk. :)

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