Dean Answers Questions About How To Talk To Girls On The Phone

Chris asks…

How come girls like to talk so much on the phone?

When I’m on the phone with my girl, I’m looking for a basic 5 minute conversation. 2 hours later, I am half asleep “listening” to her talk about what shoes she tried on that day.

What makes her think I care?

Dean answers:

That’s a stereotype…many females do not spend time on the phone and many men do…

John asks…

how do i get this girl to leave me alone?

okay this girl name marie who is weird and is always talk to me on facebook and waves at me in the hallway and try to talk to me

anyway so she like talks to me on facebook and she anytime im on chat and she on she talks to me

anyway she asked if i was single and i said yes and she asked if i wanted a girlfriend and i said no i like being single trust me i don’t i just don’t want to date her

anyways she waves at me in the hall ways in the morning and i wave back to be nice but for the past week two weeks ive been not waving back at all

so the other day i was leaving my choir class a bit early and i don’t no how she was in the hallway talking to one of her friends

and she got done i was still walking and she ran up to me and she like hey and i said hey i can’t talk right now i half to go to my class and she was cool with it and i just waved bye

anyway she always asking on facebook for my phone number and stuff and when she does i i try to talk about something else

and im in special ed she not but im not like im just in there for getting help on some work and writing skills

but how do i get her to leave me alone i don’t want to be rude but i also don’t want her to keep talking to me and she not doing anything bad at least she nice enough to talk to me

but how do i get her to leave me alone i don’t to date her or be her friend really

and she always saying we should hang out or go see a movie and i could just imagine if i even went with her to a movie she would try to kiss me and i don’t want to date her or hang out
im 17 and she 16

Dean answers:

Just tell her straight up? If you don’t like it, just tell her. Kinda obvious. If you want her to leave you alone, say something.

Michael asks…

how and what do i talk to women on the phone?

i am thirteen year old male. i do not know what to talk about to girls on the phone. it is always silent. like this one time i didn’t know what to talk about and their was a long silence and so i hung up. and told them on aim my phone dropped the call. please help. how female and male, to i talk to girls on the phone, what do you want out of calling a guy… like what to talk about or how. or guys, what do you talk about.

Dean answers:

Well let’s see , start of with hey what’s up then ask questions. Girls like when a guy wants to know how she’s doing. It means they care. Since it’s near school or maybe even school for you talk about what classes you have, what teachers you like, perhaps what happened one day that you thought was ridiculous. Basically chill but don’t go overboard then if if there’s a dead moment tell her you have to go and you’ll talk later. Never hang up she might want to get something in.

Thomas asks…

How often should you talk to a girl on the phone?

yeah weve been seeing eachother or “hanging out” for only two weeks but talk everynight because we both really like eachother but i think shes starting to get annoyed by texts and a phone call a night…. what should i do??

Dean answers:

Okay wow i had this kid to this to me every night too untill i was a straight out biitch about it.
Un dont text her b/c she ll just think your annoying & shiit & like talk meanily to her friends about youu

& if she s annoyed dont call her & waste her timee=]
idk but thats just me

David asks…

How Do You Talk To A Girl On The Phone when you have nothing to talk about?

She is a cheer leader iand she likes to stay on the phone for along time and when we run out of things to talk about there is an akward silence.

Dean answers:

After a couple minutes, tell her how much you like hearing her voice, but you really prefer face to face conversation. Then ask her if she like to meet for lunch/mall/park so you can see her pretty smile when she’s telling you about her day. You then have a date with a cheerleader and you are off the phone. If she continues talking, just tell her to save it for when you meet.

Richard asks…

How can i talk to a girl on the phone without becoming really shy and hanging up?

How can i talk to a girl on the phone without becoming really shy and hanging up?
SEE everytime i talk to a girl on the phone i hangup or scream my head off cause im shy.{really shy}.
i met her on an online game…*outspark fiesta* and act rlly confident wen talkin 2 her through text…im 17.

Dean answers:

Hey answer this is your head…..what is there to be shy of? What is she gonna do to you…bite your head off if you don’t stop talking? The answers to that are

nothing and no … can she make her decison if she doesnt’ kno the real you….she has a decison to make….it is to not like you or to like you….open up its just phone call really its nothing bad….just be your self and pretend you are talking to ur guy friends….it will all work out :)

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