Dean Answers Questions About How To Talk To Shy Girls

David asks…

How do I become less shy and more conversational around girls?

I just moved back to LA after being in Canada for 4 years. All the girls talk about me and think im good looking. It doesnt help that I’m really shy around girls and always get really red and shake a little. I also cant really keep a good conversation going with them. PLEASE HELP!!

Dean answers:

Do not worry. I and a lot of guys I know used to be the same way around girls. The best way to get over this is practice. Practice being around girls and just being friendly towards them. Do not think about getting anywhere with them like kissing etc. Just show them that you are a cool guy that they could talk to about anything. Treat them with respect and courtesy and i am sure they will react to you in the same way.

Some of my friends joined clubs, social groups, church groups etc just to get used to interacting with girls in a friendly way.

Donald asks…

How could i get a shy girl to talk, and about what?

So i want to get a shy girl to talk to me, and i don’t know about what, Could you please help me out?, PS. I’m a bit shy to.
I forgot to add, I do not know any interest of hers.

Dean answers:

A lot of shy people seem like they don’t want to talk, but often if you find the right subject, they can talk animatedly and eloquently. Like my brother, for example…if you try to talk to him, he usually gives one-syllable answers, but if you ask him to explain string theory, he will talk nonstop and won’t shut up! Haha. My suggestion is that you find out what she’ s interested in. Does she read? Listen to music? Have a hobby? Ask her about one of those things. Remember, it is impossible to make a mistake.

Joseph asks…

i dont have any gf coz i dont look good and i dont talk to girls(shy).but, there is a girl in my class who i?

want to enter….so, how should i proceed? i want to get intimate with her..

Dean answers:

Hey dude……………she is not the last girl of the world……………juz try n talk …….maintain a good frnship ……………then you can find your own way………… fact many ways will open up …………….juz looking good cant make a true relation dude………..its attitude whats make a lifetime relation …………soo be what you are……….good luck

Paul asks…

Advice needed: How would a shy girl talk to a guy who’s already surrounded by talkative women? ?

Please I need advice…i like this guy.
lol i flirt on fridays…i usually say im disappointed when i dont get to pester him.

Dean answers:

Simple Talk. Make yourself known to this guy. Be around him all the time but not stalkerish. Don’t stalk him but make it apparent to him who you are. Flirt, guys love when you laugh at what they say, playfully flirt using your hands, Like tap them on the shoulder or some other playful motion. If you feel uncomfortable talking still you should talk to him when your by yourself. I understand shy people because i have a few shy friends and it is sometimes hard for them. I think you will be just fine and you never know mabey you could be this guy’s next girldriend!!

Chris asks…

how do i talk to girls im shy and quiet help?

some girls i meet through things like sports or volunteering
keep staring at me and keep sitting next to me
and flirt with me although i dont flirt back coz im rely shy with girls (although the girls could be flirty types)
but im really shy and quiet type
they do all the talking but i want to talk to them and build good relationship

not as in dating (although it would be nice) but just as good friends because i never had friends that are girls… i used to but that was when i was a kid and it’s really a mystery that i didnt have this girl problem as a guy back then when i was young

so how do i do this i dont want to be a clown or do something stupid just not super quiet all the time… at least do some talking T_T

Dean answers:

Find something interesting to talk about. For example, the latest movies, the songs you listen to, ask them questions about what’s going on in their lives recently, etc. Its a good thing that girls are interested in you so that you don’t even needa approach them, so when they’re talking just ask them related questions. Flirting… Can be simply giving them compliments. Like “i like your hair” or dress. Something like that(: Oh, and SMILE(: Good luckk

James asks…

Have you ever forced yourself to talk to girls, no matter how shy or ugly you felt?

Many people down me because they think I’m scared of girls when really its the opposite. Honestly, I think girls WANT guys to speak to them.

There been days when I was feeling like Seal (the singer), but I was still going around talking to everybody.

But guys, when you talk to girls, have you ever felt ugly or scared or intimidated by women?

Dean answers:

Yeah, possibly repressed reason but maybe to prove to myself that i wasn’t nervous. Even if i was rejected it was still better than the fear that was inside eating away. And lucky many times there has been good response where girls looked like they were attracted to me.

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