Dean Answers Questions About How To Talk To Shy Girls

William asks…

How do I talk to a really shy girl I like?

Ok, so school just started back like 3 days ago. And I tend to fall for girls really fast, like love at first sight. Anyways there is this girl in my math class. She is soo beautiful. She has brown hair and brown eyes and is very short and is kinda nerdy looking. I basically sit across the room from her and I saw her eyes and her hair and her face and like omg I got lost in her eyes like a kid at a grocery store.

But she’s really shy, I literally never heard her speak. And I’m kind of a hopeless romantic and really shy also. But shes WAY more shy than I am. And she looks like the kind of girl who is fragile. Her feelings might be sensitive. So how do I talk to her without making her feel uncomfortable? What can I say?

She’s in my math class and she’s in my lunch So that’s good. She is kind of a loner too and she is always by herself and she seems kinda weird but I like weird and she is such a cute nerdy girl. I can tell shes sweet and so real. I haven’t met her yet except for brief eye contact. How do I meet her?

I really want to at least be friends with her cause she is so beautiful and so cute and i can tell shes a sweetheart. I just need to know how to talk to her because she is so shy and i’m very shy talking to girls. Please I need help!! Thanks, Appreciate it.

By the way Im a sophmore, she’s a freshman. idk why thats important lol. But yah thanks :)

Dean answers:

Uhh mn i got no idea if shes nerdy why do you like her

Charles asks…

How can i make a super shy girl talk?

I want to court her

Dean answers:

Be open minded to what she may say for example don’t be to ready to make negative judgments about her this will show her that you’re really making an attempt to know and understand her.

Be yourself because someone that’s shy are like microscopes, always looking, observing you, especially those with trust issues.

Create an environment of comfort, by finding out what she likes or things she does for fun and do it with her, it will make it easy for her to open up to you.

Ken asks…

Im super shy, cant even talk to girls?

Ok my friend was trying to hook me up with this girl, and we texted for a while and all was good. Then today he told me to come sit with them and I didn’t want to because im really shy around girls. I got there and said hi and it was really awkward. She said it was awkward too, then I just left after silence. My friend told her that I’m shy and it might take some time or w/e. I don’t like this and I know I need to just not care but I don’t know how to do that. Maybe some advice or an article or something that could help me.
And I play an instrument, and I’m fairly good, but it still doesnt help my confidence. Most of the nerdy or less attractive girls like me and ask me out but I don’t like them, personality and looks wise.
I’m 14 and broke, not such a good idea.
This is beyond shy, its almost anti social. But I’m fine around guys and some girls I don’t find attractive.

Dean answers:

Get experience with prostitutes. For 50 bcks you can learn a lot about woman. Plus its a ton of fun. God bless all the call girls.

Donald asks…

How can a shy guy talk to girls if he is scared around girls, sadly I am in college so I should be over this?

Dean answers:

Don’t worry about being in college, everybody has their own pace.

Do you drink? I’m just gonna take a wild guess and say probably not (much). If you haven’t, you should. Now I’m not talking totally blackout throwing up drunk but several beers to get you a little tipsy. It totally removes all of the barriers in your mind that prevent your real personality from showing.

I used to be the exact same way as you but when you realize what you are capable of, you just relax and say whatever pops into your mind. When I was 18, I drank for the first time at a small party and was suddenly the center of attention. I had no idea I had it in me (and neither did my friends). Now that I know what I am capable of, I have been so much more successful in talking to anyone. If this works for you, just remember it’s you, not the alcohol.

When you approach a girl to talk to her, start out with something interesting, not just HI. For example, ask her opinion about anything or “accidently” bump into her and be like “whoa, you don’t look like the violent type” and then make fun of her being so aggressive…there are endless oppertunities.

Good luck!

Mark asks…

How to talk to girls that are shy or that are not single who are not willing to talk.?

Dean answers:

If they are not willing to talk then why talk to them?You should find someone who IS willing to talk,it will make your life much easier.But in any case,talking to someone who is not willing to talk is done the same way you talk to anyone else.Say hi then use what is around you to bring up a topic that you think the person might be interested in.For example if they are drinking a cup of coffee ,talk about your favorite types of coffee.Stuff like that.
Good luck XOXO

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