Dean Answers Questions About How To Talk To Shy Girls

Ken asks…

why i am so shy to talk to girls on the phone?

hey i need some advice. i am 17 i have never talked to any girl on the phone, and some girls ask me if they can call me but i alway find excusses, because i am like scared to talk to them on the phone. i feel like my voice sounds like a kid and am afraid that i wont find what to talk about. can you guys please help me. and mostly gilr give me you advice and tell me if you care about how a guys voice sound. thank you.

Dean answers:

OK little dude here’s the scoop. I was and still feel that way sometimes. Its OK. Whatever you guys talk about outside talk to her on the phone.
Okay and you shouldn’t always be the one starting the conversation so the girl should contribute too.
Quiet moments make the girl nervous too sometimes so they start the convo or start a new topic to talk about.
(Memorize this in your mind)Man up man that’s Kitty cat man how can you be scared to talk to pussy.C’mon man. C’mon!
Some girls are great talkers sometimes all you gotta do is say uh hum and yes or no or really or wow.
The girls that are quiet on the phone you just make up stuff .They wont mind because they don’t know what to say either.
Talking on the phone is key man master it. Just remember your not face to face. But if you know how to talk to girls period phone shouldn’t be a problem.

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