Dean Answers Questions About Internet Dating Horror Stories

James asks…

Do you have an internet dating HORROR story?

Do you have an internet dating HORROR story? I love stories, and I am certain the community would love to hear your story, too. Don’t forget details, and I encourage men and women to tell their internet dating HORROR stories!

Dean answers:

I did some on-line dating when I was single and living in Minnesota.

I wouldn’t call them “horror” stories, because no one really got hurt, but I can’t believe how ignorant some people are.

Story #1: I arranged to meet with a guy for the first time. I showed up at the restaurant, he wasn’t there. I looked around the area of the restaurant where he said he’d be and he wasn’t there. I waited about 45 minutes and he never showed up.

I went home and emailed him asking what happened. He said he was there. I said No you weren’t, he swears he was there. After a couple minutes we realized that we were at 2 different locations. We had a good laugh and I suggested we meet at another restaurant that was close to where he lived. He asked if I wanted to just come over to his apartment. I said that I would really rather not, since I really didn’t know him that well. He got offended and goes “Don’t you trust me?”. I said I don’t know you well enough to trust you, and until I do, I think it would be best if we met in a public place. He got pissed off and hung up on me. Nice.

Story #2: Met a guy who was few years older than me, but I tend to go for older guys. We’d been on a couple dates when he told me that he was going to be out of town on business in Texas for a month and wouldn’t internet access while he was there. I said fine, call me when you get back. He did, and when we met at the restaurant he proceeded to tell me that he had lied to me…that he was actually in Texas visiting another woman he had met on line. He then openly admitted that he was keeping his options open because he wasn’t sure things were going to work out but “good news for me”, they didn’t, so he was all mine. I got up and left the restaurant before the drinks came. I sent him an email when I got home saying that if he had just been honest with me in the first place, I would have been fine. We were never exclusive, so I completely understand that he would be still dating other people. But he lied and if he would lie about that, what else would he lie about?

Story #3: I met a guy I could really get serious about. We had a ton in common, he was very laid back and so easy to get along with and easy to talk to. We dated exclusively for about a month. Then he completely stops talking to me–no calls, no emails. I sent him several emails that went unanswered, and he finally sends me the “we need to talk” email. He had told me that he had broken up with a girl a few weeks before we started dating, but what he hadn’t told me was that he had a many year history with this girl, and that they had broken up and gotten back together several times. If I had known that, given how recent the break up was, I would have been a lot more cautious and probably would not have allowed myself to get as emotionally involved with him as I did.

Fortunately, I met the man who would become my husband 2 months later. I kept in touch with the internet guy by email for the first few months of dating my husband, just as friends…he was still dating the on again/off again girl. In early February I was telling him what I was doing for my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day and he responded saying what a lucky guy he was and how his girlfriend would never do anything like that for him. Not surprisingly he emailed a few weeks later saying they had broken up, and hinted that he’d like to see me. I had to tell him that things were getting serious with my boyfriend and we were talking about moving in together, so I thought it best if we just ended any contact. He said that was fine, and I think he may have mentioned that he really blew it, letting me go for the other girl.

Ah, sweet revenge!

George asks…

Internet dating horror stories?

Anyone care to relate some internet dating horror stories they experienced? A prize of “best answer” will go to the best story!

Dean answers:

I met this guy via (dating Site). He asked me to meet him at work, and then to go out (after months of talking). I had seen his picture and he looked cute. He wasnt smiling in the picture. He owned a gun shop. I go to his shop and he said he had to get something out of his house first,( he told me he leaved nearby) which was behind a curtain. It was a room with a bed in it and a kitchen the size of a utility closet, not to mention, he didnt tell me he had kids (3) and one of them was by a 16 year old. They were all living in this liittle room. He was in his mid 40’s. Then he smiled with green mold on his teeth and I almost puked. Well, after that I got out of there so fast i left tire marks. Never ever again. EVER

Ken asks…


Ok here’s mine:

I went on a date with a guy i met on a online dating site. He was twice as fat as he was in his pic and about 6 years older. He took me to KFC for dinner where i had to watch him eat a family sized meal. Then i had to go to a talent show at his college and everyone at his college was avoiding him when he said hello to them (obviously for a reason). I ran away halfway through the show when he started laughing like a maniac during parts of the show where no one else was laughing.

What are your internet dating horror stories?
One guy i know met a girl he had chatted to online and she ended up being a lot fatter and really religious. She thanked god before she drank her milkshake.

Another guy had to drive his internet date home after her car broke down. She gave him oral in the car and they almost had a head on collision.

Dean answers:

My ex met someone on myspace that lied about every aspect of his life, created major drama for her constantly.
He was a jobless looser, that used her car to pick up other bimbos while she was at work, and had sex with them in her car, and possibly her place.
She had been speaking to him while we were still going out, unknown to me, and possible accelerated our break up.
What goes around comes around, karma I owe you one…LOL

Thomas asks…

Does anyone have any internet dating horror stories?

I met my current fiancee online, and she is the sweetest, most loving woman ive ever had the pleasure of meeting. She is the stabilizing factor in my life. Where i am hateful and mean, she is kind and sees the good in everything. I am so thankful for her and i love her to death.

Dean answers:

I met the man I am to marry on line. We dated for about three months before we made the plunge to live together. We have been together every since. We have been together for over six years, and they have been the happiest years of my life. He is my best friend, He made me a whole person. He is humorous, smart, witty, and the kindest person I know.

Charles asks…

Do you have an Internet dating horror story?

I mean, have you dated someone off the Internet and the whole night was shot to heck? Did that person misrepresent himself/herself? Just curious.
I am married. But I like stories, too. Entertain me!!

Dean answers:

I met someone on an adult dating website…we talked alot before we met and seemed to click real well…well, the time came for “relations”….well….he had nothing to”relation” with !! Im talking about maybe 3 at his peak…never talked to him again…

Chris asks…

any positive stories on internet dating?

i heard so many horror stories about internet dating sites, does anyone have any good stories?

Dean answers:

One of my teachers of the 12th grade got to know an American guy on Internet and finally got married to him. She ended up living in the US.
Good start however not sure about the end.

Robert asks…

Does anybody have any internet dating success or horror stories?

Dean answers:

No specific stories- I’ve just grown up aware of the horrible stigma attached to it. I’m starting to feel that the stigma was born of days where predators used the net as a way of operating (which is still true to this day). However, I also feel that times have changed and while one must always be careful, it seems as though it is no longer taboo. Since now we all come out of the womb with internet skills (and the hours to show for it)- internet connections are much more commonplace and less Feaux Pas (spelling?)… Just my opinion…

Michael asks…

‘Net dating horror stories?

What has been your most disastrous first date with someone you’ve met on an Internet dating/singles site?

Dean answers:

I met a girl on the internet she said she was
bi curious we chatted for sometime and exchanged photos after a few weeks of some serious chatting and making plans to meet .
This girl said she had something she had to tell me and that she was hiding a secret and couldnt go on chattin any more till she got this out in the open.
I was thinking she had a std, (sexually transmited disease) or somethin .but it was was something really shocking she told me she was a exchange student and she told me she was a he and he was asian and that he felt if he told me he was a guy i wouldnt chat with him . Like most girls they ignored him he told me the pix he sent me was of a women he was staying with i was in total shock here im thinking a girl with all a girl has to offer and sexy shapely . WOW what a wake up call lol. You never no whats lurking behind a computer monitor i no men can be frauds but . WOW!

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