Dean Answers Questions About Internet Dating Horror Stories

Joseph asks…

Internet Dating?

Is it really realistic to find your true love on the internet? Does anyone have any success stories? Any horror stories? Of those of you who have dated, wasn’t it scary to meet for the first time?
I didn’t say that I was looking for someone on the internet, just wondering what everyone thought about it.

Dean answers:

~~i have seen both success and failure… My sis met and married her second husband on the internet and he’s a dream, he’s wonderful, where as my brother met and married someone he met on the internet and she was also a dream… A total night mare~~

~~if you are thinking of doing this be very careful~~

Paul asks…

want to be intervied? Has any1 been speed dating, used the internet to date or been 2 any other dating events?

i’m a 3rd year journalism student writing my dissertation of the subject of internet dating and dating events.
One of the pieces included will be a feature on success stories and horror stories of internet dating so if anyone would be interested in being interviewed via e mail (you can remain anonymous if you wish) then please contact me at or at yahoo and leave an e mail for me to contact you on. thanks!

Dean answers:

I used to scoff at Internet dating…lol…then I tried it and lo and behold …I’m with the love of my life.

Mark asks…

What your experience with Internet dating?

Any success or horror stories about internet dating?

Dean answers:

I have such good experience with Internet Dating. Actually it’s actually fun to meet the right person. There might be fake people out there but there’s a big difference with internet dating and reality dating. In both ways, you can get hurt by them or have a success relationship through that. But i found the man of my dreams through internet dating. We talked online and write emails alot and ended up meeting each other and then we hit it off. Even though we live so far away. Hes from europe and im in asia. We got it going on and now we are living together. There might be things that you dont see when you were still writing with that person but relationship is like that. It has it’s own upside down no matter what. I say that internet dating is the best way to meet the person you want to be with. At least you will get to see how a person is when he or she is writing to you. Words has it own meaning and characteristics. But beware there are also fake people there trying to make money out of you or just do it for fun. Just the same thing what happens also when you date someone in person. But always take time to get to know the person. Always keep a sharp mind of how she/he respond to you. If she starts mentioning her/his money problems then shes not for real. Or if she/he is saying that her/his mom is sick he can’t afford to pay for hospital bills. You’ll know that she/he is fake. One important thing you should know about a person that is really no faking about himself or herself is when he/she gets to know you better and talk to you like as friends. If he/she starts telling you that he /she loves you immediately when you just know each other for the first time then its not for real. Dont be fool by the “love at first sight” because you just can’t love somebody who don’t know yet.

Donald asks…

Internet dating and finding your soul mate there? or date horror?

has any one ever found there soul mate through the internet.?.please tell me if you have.. or a horror story about it if you have not ..but have one to tell..ty

Dean answers:

I thought I found mine on…He was absolutely amazing..treated me like a princess, told me how we were meant to be together, purposed to me within 1 month of dating.

I knew him for over a year and a half before marriage, had our ups and downs, He loved GOD-he even thanked HIM for me daily, he cooked cleaned and even brought me hot towels as I got out of the shower…I can go on and on but I’m sure you get the picture.
I divorced because I found out I married a con man..Literally, took women for hundreds of thousands of dollars,(bought my engagement ring with his other fiances down payment for the house “they” were going to live in after marrying) had 5 wives I never knew about-I knew of 2 + 1 anullment= me #8, became physically abusive the week we married and oh yeah…wanted life insurance on me the day after we married!

I have met some great people on the internet but I think I’ll keep away from that now–I’m still healing from the financial devastation brought on by this one and I trust NOBODY now!

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