Dean Answers Questions About Internet Dating Horror Stories

James asks…

Internet Dating, c’mon guys??

Any success or horror stories about internet dating? I’m thinking of giving it a try.

Dean answers:

A girl dated a guy ont he internet…he was a alien SCARY lol

Joseph asks…

Internet dating?

Does it work? I’ve heard so many horror stories and many other success stories. I want to hear both sides. Did you meet your true love on the web or did you end up filing a restraining order against some creepy old guy?

Dean answers:

I always laughed when the internet dating commercials would come on. BUT! I have found the most AMAZING guy ever!!

I signed up for a match dot com account and forgot about it for like 6 months. I randomly logged back on one day and just searched in my area. Then one guy that I had really liked what I saw ended up winking at the the very next day. We talked several nights on the match IM. Then he gave me his cell number. After a couple of weeks of still talking on Match IM I finally got brave and texted him. Things have been going perfectly ever since.

Come to find out he lived in another city but commuted to my town everyday for work. I would definately recommend it to anyone!!!

But my advice is….be picky!! VERY VERY PICKY! Dont just try to date the first guy that winks at you! Take your time!


David asks…

What’s your opinion on Online/Internet dating? Do you think I should do it?

You see commercials on TV like eharmony and other Online dating services about success stories than you used to hear about horror stories. Have anyone done it and find love? Or was it bad? Do you advise me to go for it and keep looking elsewhere?

Dean answers:

Online dating isn’t for everyone. I met my boyfriend in an online chatroom over a year ago. We both hit it off and are still together. I think that if you meet someone and there is something between the two of you.. Then go for it. You won’t know until you try.

Thomas asks…

has anyone been burned by internet dating, has the person in profile said they wanted a relationship just to?

get sex off you then mess you about or other horror stories. of the people not being genuine.i would like to hear from male and females.

Dean answers:

Of course people have been burnt by that. Internet dating is just like dating people you meet in a bar, or anywhere else. There are plenty of men/women that are just playing a game, having fun, and will lie through their teeth to get there.

Not even is playing a game, though. I met my wife on an on-line dating service many years ago, and we’re still together.

You just need to learn to read through the B.S. On the profiles, and then learn what questions to ask when you talk to them.

Donald asks…

internet dating, worth doing, or staying clear of?

i dont no how to meet the man of my dreams, i thought about dating on the net but not quite sure as there to meny horror stories. im so running out of time..

Dean answers:

No need to look any futher, then Man of your dreams is right here!!
(or should that be in my dreams?)

Chris asks…

Did you meet your significant other over the internet?

Or did you do it the “traditional” way? Do you think internet dating really works or have you had more horror than success stories? Would you mind sharing some of them?

Dean answers:

I first talked to my boyfriend on msn.
He was in my year at school, but we’d never spoken in person or anything, and we just talked and got on really well. He asked me out, then we decided to meet up, then got to know each other in person :)
He’s my world, so a success :)

John asks…

My girlfriend is getting on my last nerve. Anyone ever try an Atheist Internet Dating service?

Any fun stories or horror stories?
Apeman60: The meeting is not the problem, it’s weeding out the Theists up front I was asking about.

Blondy: Your avatar makes that obvious!

Dean answers:

No, I’ve never had to resort to online dating. It is much better to meet people in person.

Mark asks…

Internet dating… are the people exactly who they say they are to begin with???

When you meet someone you met online at a restaurant, bar, etc… are they the person in the picture (is the picture of them 10 or 20 years ago). I’ve heard horror stories like some were married and they didn’t tell, some are overweight and say they’re attractive, etc…. Any stories to tell???

Dean answers:

Nobody is exactly what they seem.

Most of the ‘women’ on dating sites aren’t real either. They are just fake profiles the dating companies create to even out the absurd gender imbalance of people who sign up.

Paul asks…

With all the international internet “dating ” going on , why don’t the success stories..?

over shadow the “horror” ones?
I found my guy online almost a year ago and we are very happy. My family and friends were ready to commmit me. (some still are) I understand thier hesitation and fears and while you do need to be careful, don’t you also need to take some risks?
Heck, we take a risk getting out of bed everyday! while I love them all if I had listened to them I would have missed out on the greatest guy and love of my life. But why son’t we hear more of the good stuff?

Dean answers:

I have met my fiance online on June, met him for real last December, and we’re getting married as soon as I move to the states. It’s very hard, yes, but we love each other a lot and we know we can make it. We’re not going to give up on what we’ve found just because of the distance.
My inspiration in these hard times is friends of mine, who against all odds, got married and now living together in the UK (he’s british, her from the UAE). They gave me a lot to think of.
I say, go for it, and meet the guy, and be safe. Long distance relationship do work, but it takes a lot to make them work. Trust and honesty are the key. Goodluck.

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