Dean Answers Questions About Internet Dating Horror Stories

Michael asks…

I have questions about narcissistic men on the internet?

I want to talk about narcissistic men on the internet.

I know the clinical definition of narcissism, but it’s hard to see it in gray areas and blind spots.

We have all seen the internet dating sites. We’ve all heard horror stories. But what about in this situation? Do you think this is narcissism? True, clinical narcissism, not just an egotistical jerk.

A guy places on an on an internet dating site. He says he is looking for his true love – a soul mate. But actually, he is dating a few women and making them feel like ‘they are the one.’ The women have no idea about each other. He tells each of them that he loves them.

So let’s say, the truth comes out and he is finally busted. All the women find out about the others, but he still won’t admit he’s done anything wrong. His opinion is that the truth just wasn’t important. He actually tries to salvage all the relationships by manipulating the women with more lies. Those he loses, will quickly be replace with new women.

Ok, so is this a player or a narcissistic man. How normal do you think this behavior is?

Does it matter how many women there are? 2? 5? 20?

Im just interested in getting everyone’s opinion on this. It’s a relative new phenomenon with the internet. How acceptable is it to you?

Dean answers:

Sounds like a typical player to me…nothing new there, and isn’t necessarily a sign of a narcissistic person. Loving to manipulate and use people doesn’t mean the person has a great love for themselves…in fact, they may be driven by insecurity and inadequacy so feel the need to have multiple partners to boost their ego and prove that people (women in this case) are attracted to them.

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