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David asks…

What date will the 5th naruto movie be released in america or the Internet?

Im looking for a exact date or at least the month its released, thanks!

Dean answers:

If you mean second naruto shippuden movie: Bonds that probably won’t be released in cinemas but on DVD it could be between April and May this year…..on the Internet it’ll be maybe earlier…..

Ken asks…

does anybody know when Bleach: The DiamondDust Rebellion movie will be shown on the internet?

i really want to see the movie and im currently at a site that says the release date, for Japan, is December 22, 2007. does anybody know when it’ll be available on the internet?

Dean answers:

I am not sure when it was released on the internet but some sites have had for about a week now.

Try this:

Chris asks…

I went to go see Quarantine over the weekend.I was wondering if this movie really did happen in real life?

I cant find anything on it saying it really happen on the internet. The movie poster says a date on when the actual event happen, but I feel that was just said to give it more a scare to the audience.

Dean answers:

“Sony Pictures has launched a viral marketing campaign for the film including a MySpace page, Facebook page and official website. The marketing contained false commentary advertising the film as based on an American government cover-up.”

So to sum up, they made it up.


Mark asks…

2nd date – movie at his place?

So, I’ve been talking to this guy I met from one of the internet dating sites. We’re both somewhat shy but can talk to each other. Our first date went well, he came to pick me up and we had a great time. That was a few weeks ago tho due to work and an emergency situation. But we’ve still talked and kept in touch. We’re getting together tomorrow. Since his birthday was today I told him he can choose what we do when we hang out. We had talked about him watching my favorite movie and vice versa in one of our first emails. So he suggested watching one of the movies at his place.

Do u think that’s ok for a second date?

Dean answers:

As long as
A) ppl know where you are.
B) you have an ‘out’ phone call on your cell phone in case things get weird
C) You PLAN PLAN PLAN to leave his house after the date, and I say that because you don’t want him to assume you are staying, ie. You both are drinknig wine, he says stay, and you had no intention, stick with your original plan, whether or not you want to stay or go, stick with it.
D) Might be a better idea to go for coffee first then go for the movie at his place, or something.

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