Dean Answers Questions About Internet Dating Safety

James asks…

My parents don’t like him cos I met him online?

well, I had four dates with him which we met online and he seems like a nice guy and I think that we have a lot in common. I didn’t know how to tell my mum and dad but eventually I did.I told my sister about him and she’s very argumentative about it even though I told her I dated him four times. They say, that internet dating only want flings even though they say they want a long term relationship. They say that even though I think he’s a nice person, he’s probably going to still go on the site without you even knowing. I’ve waited for this my whole life cos I can’t be patient anymore. In nightclubs, they get drunk and only want to touch you, I’m self employed so I never meet any nice guys and I’m doing a course in hairdressing and they’re all girls. Please don’t say just be patient, cos it’s not working for me. I’ve been patient since I was 18. My parents have met him and even though they say hes nice, they’re not convinced he’s the one for me cos we met on the Internet. But I’ve seen lots of success stories on the site and even got married. I’ve also read the “your safety” procedures and how the site will delete any inappropriate behaviour and bogus pictures. I’ve told my parents this and they asked me how I’ll know they’re not putting pictures of success stories from the Internet and they are not actually couples at all. but if they are faking the site, would that be breach of trade description act?
I really like him and he too with me but I don’t want to fall out with my family because of it. I’ve never fallen out with them. I mean if you guys have fallen out with your family, that’s not gonna help my situation just because you’ve fallen out with them, it’ OK for me to as well. Not to sound rude.
He has met my parents, the problem is, even though my parents think he’s nice, they’re still not convinced he’s the right guy just cos I met him online

Dean answers:

You’re of legal age. Your family can’t choose your happiness. I met my ex husband online. Yes, I said ex, it didn’t work out, NOT because I met him online, just because he was…him.I also met my current partner online, it’s just the way most of the world works now. If you’re sure about him, just go for it. If your family loves you, they will come around.

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