Dean Answers Questions About Internet Dating Statistics

John asks…

I’m looking for statistics on how many people use internet dating services?

Most of the sites are marketing ones that people have to pay for. Is there somewhere else I can get the stats on?

Dean answers:

There are a few tools that exist using which you can get the volume of search being made using various keywords. This search volume would be indicative of the number of people using the service. provides this service.

Other methods to acquire this are IBIS WORLD. If you just google it, you can find it. They have reports on almost every industry.

If you want still more indepth research, you can commission a market research firm..

Thomas asks…

Where can I find up to date surveys about internet activity?

I’d like to know the best website for providing accurate surveys and statistics for internet browsing and downloading content, particularly pirated content….Any ideas?

Dean answers:


Steven asks…

Where can you find straightforward crime statistics for ethnic minorities?

I have checked the Home Office and National Statistics websites but they manily talk about victimisation and general race related topics.

Where can I find a straightforward breakdown of the offending rates of each group?

Basically….Whites, Afro Carribeans, Pakistanis, Indians, Bangladeshis etc and how much crime they commit, up to date figures so I can compare them.

Also what do you think the most important factor in the different rates is? Many say social disadvantage and economic reasons but then how xome the poorest and most disadvantaged groups in terms of education and employment commit the least crimes (I read this on the internet somewhere but information and facts were based on a credible book, don’t know how it could be true judging from where I live).

Dean answers:

Be very careful of statistics you read, they can be misleading. For instance, if you only study the types of crimes say Hispanics committ, then you can come to the conclusion that Hispanics commit more crimes. Be sure to include white collar crime in your study.

I’m sure you’ll find the upper classes commit crimes of discrimination, embezzlement, fraud, harassment, toxic pollution, tax evasion, etc much more frequently than more disadvantaged groups. So if you were to study these crimes, the data would suggest that Whites commit more crimes than blacks etc.

I have a pet peve with many of these studies as the upper class crimes damage more people than street crime.

Joseph asks…

Michigan Statistics – Good Sources?

I was wondering if there are any good sites where I can find up to date information relating to Michigan, such as;

-Percentage of adults with computers or internet access
-Voting Statistics
-Geographic makeup
-and other interesting facts relating to Michigan’s population

Thanks :-D

Dean answers:

I’m not sure if this is what you’re looking for.


Donald asks…

Computer Security Statistics?

Does anyone Know where I can find reliable statistics relating to computer security? I have found a few sources on the internet but nothing that seems up to date.

Any help would be greatly appricieciated.

Kind Regards
Further Details: The statistics Im looking for are relating to how many scans an average home user recieves per day and how many users computers are “Hi-jacked” if possible.

Dean answers:

Have a look at this site, it may point you in the right direction for what you need.

Mark asks…

Analyse me/my personality?

I had a problem with credit cards. I’d shop when I was feeling down. I’d shop when I was happy. I used my moods as justification to shop. I am shy around new people, but in my job where I deal with a lot of people, I make conversation easily. I kept my debt problems from my family out of fear of disappointing them. I told them recently, and they were proud of how I dealt with it. I’m currently in a ‘kind of’ relationship, whereby I practically live at his house, I don’t pay rent but I buy food. I get no affection in return and have previously slept with someone else, because I went 6 months without affection and I got fed up. The guy I’m seeing doesn’t know. We aren’t official so I thought I was justified. I was previously in a relationship for 5 years where I was mistreated and made to feel like a sex toy. When I ended things with him, I tried internet dating about a month later. Met some nice guys, but met the guy I’m seeing randomly. We slept together a lot initially, and I couldn’t get enough of him. Now I’m feeling neglected again. I get obsessed with things and spend hours researching them – dilapidated buildings, haunted houses, theme park ride accidents, statistics. I’m impulsive, and if I want something, I want it right now (hence the credit card debt, which is now well under control). One day, any random thing will be the most important thing in the world, The next, it will be forgotten. I’m a creature of habit and do the same things over and over. I get anxious when my routine changes, especially if it’s not my choice to change it. When I was a kid at preschool, I got very upset when I came back after the holidays to find the floor mat had been moved. I’m a hoarder, I keep everything. Even if I find it years later and can’t remember what the significance of The object is, I still keep it. Cleaning out my wardrobe is the worst, I don’t like to let anything go.
So, with these random facts, what kind of personality am I?!

Dean answers:

Only a “subjective mind” can do this. It is difficult to infringe into the mental domain of other persons. Such tricks may be known only to those who are really conversant with mind reading techniques.

The only other best alternative I can think of is for you to fix up an appointment with a reliable and professionally qualified doctor of your own choice and consult with him threadbare about all your problems. Be transparent to reveal everything without hiding any part of it.

You say you are a “hoarder”. I feel you should not hoard your such feelings before the doctor. Feel free and frank to tell everything. He will only be able to diagnose your real problem and give proper treatment.

Michael asks…

Are you familiar with

I wrote to Secunia today because everything is so confusing. I wanted to know about the safest software like browsers, security, and maintnance. A fellow askville user had answered one of my questions and they came up with (So now I know that Opera is the safest internet browser)

Re security, these statistics date from July 06.

Firefox – 33 vulnerabilities, 4 unpatched:
Opera – 15 vulnerabilities, 0 unpatched:

Dean answers:

Yup opera is pretty good. But firefox is open source so everyone in the world can help and make patches faster and improve the code so in a week tables can get turned.

Run Secunia Software Inspector .Securina will tell you which of your software is outdated and have holes in them through which the spyware/virus are entering.
Which currently contains rules for detecting more than 4,000 different applications
The results are used to advise you on how to update to more secure releases of the insecure applications.
Microsoft Windows Update is used to determine if your system is missing security updates from Microsoft.
* Detects insecure versions of applications installed
* Verifies that all Microsoft patches are applied
* Assists you in updating your system and applications
* Runs through your browser. No installation or download is required.

Charles asks…

does not fitting shocking statistics about teenagers make me a loser?

i know this is a wierd question… but hear me out!
i am an 18 year old high schools senior. i have gone on dates and kissed girls and stuff… but never really had a steady girlfriend.
i spend my time after school relaxing and studying and talking to friends on the internet.
sometimes i might go to a friend’s house. im outgoing… not really socially awkward.
so when i read some statistics about teenagers, im shocked!
-68% of 18 year olds have had sex
-31% drink regularly
-other predictable increases in drug use, drunk driving, and other risque behavior

so i have to wonder… does not participating in this stuff make me some kind of a loser?
i mean….. if 68% of my classmates are out getting laid and i have trouble getting a girlfriend, what does that mean? damn…

this is kind joking and kinda serious. im going off to college soon anyway so being cool in high school doesnt really matter
but damn…. ><

Dean answers:

No it doesnt make u a loser! I mean, not everyone has sex in high school, and to be honest, most shouldnt. Bc they are not ready, physically or emotionally. Its a big step and (as we know so well) our horomones r everywher! Haha. And thers nothing wrong with not having a long-term girlfriend or anything either, i havent had a boyfriend thats lasted longer than about a month and a half, and im a 17 yr junior. And i havent had sex. And i dont drink. Lol. Everyone is different, and everyone matures at different rates. Dont b in a rush to lose ur virginity either. And drugs…ugh ew who needs them. The ppl who do them r losers. They just distract u and they r a crutch bc they cant get along without them and need drugs to feel good and have fun..same with drinking. I dont need beer to have fun. It only makes u do things u wouldnt do otherwise, and then regret it later.
So no, ur not a loser. And if ur calling urself a loser, then ur calling me a loser. Haha
hope that helps(:

Robert asks…

Do you think that people are more honest about themselves while on the internet?

Sure you see people dating these people and that people on the street,
But I think that the statistics of attraction is more true online where they aren’t being judged
(at least not in person).
So would you follow trends seen in society or online or a mix of the two to make a valid conclusion?
I didn’t mean that they would tell the truth or something, I meant that they were less reserved and had were true to their preferences online…. as in the link, which i notice no one is answering based upon.

Dean answers:

Ofcourse. If society wasn’t so judgmental then people would be more open.

Plus it’s sort of a good way to try your social skills and see what you should and should not say.

EDIT: Sorry, I forgot to answer the whole question. Yes some people secretly like other races or are attracted to them but wouldn’t admit it in the real world for the fear of being called sellouts. But again, ofcourse people will be more honest online about anything.

However this also tends to work both ways in that some people have no problem saying who they find unnattractive online as opposed to the real world.

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