Dean Answers Questions About Internet Dating Statistics

Daniel asks…

Is there a way to be more self obessessed?

Is there a website for example that allows you to track all the changes about yourself – input data so you can analyse statistics about yourself

eg. measuruments – waist hips, bust, and then track this over time, analyse when it goes up or down.

Analyse internet usage time

Length of hair and fingernails and growth per week

How many dates you have been on, how many times you have flirted per week

Track dietry changes etc.

Any other ideas?

Dean answers: may help with this quest

Richard asks…

What are the odds of finding someone with same name, same birthday who are vegetarians, & more…?

I need someone who’s quite good at maths and has access/knowledge of some statistics to resolve this.
I know a guy whose name is Edward, was born on the same day as me, who is a vegetarian, atheist, doesn’t smoke or drink and works with computers like me. I met him by chance on the internet through a friend so I didn’t look for him. We started talking on MSN and became good friends until one day we started working together on websites.
So what are the odds of that?
Taking into consideration 60 million people in UK, how many are Edwards (considering how common the name is)? And out of those how many were born on the same date? And out of those how many are vegetarian, atheists and computer geeks? Are what are the odds of these 2 people bumping into each other?
I’ve known him for 5 or 6 years now and being interested in maths, statistics and probability I have always been puzzled by this but never had the means to get close to a number.
No guesses please, I want the formula! :-D thx!

Dean answers:

It’s not a question of statistics or probability

I’m sorry to inform you dude that’s an evil non-genetic clone. He’s just being friendly, till he knows all about you and your life, then at the right time he will ” replace” you.

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