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George asks…

Black Skin White Skin: Why Would Yahoo Delete This Question?

Why Would Yahoo Delete This Question..

Black Skin White Skin: thats what its all about…..

Im a young black male and banking director. I love my brown skin. Every day i wake i thank god for making me a resilient black man. i am also dating a Latina student at NYU who could be a model at will.

We find it bizarre and amusing how huge skin color controls minds in america. My girlfriend has limited pigment in her skin and resembles the skin tone of a caucasian female although she was born in puerto rico. I love her for her mind then her booty i meant body lol, not her skin tone.

We have witnessed over 365 accounts of angry facial expression and body language from white males while out living “our” lives. The statistics are startling. Mind you she is of spanish culture not european. So we get a kick out of watching these morons.

We can not fathom the idea that skin color controls the minds of the majority of americans. It is hard to believe that in 2009 i heard a few of these idiots who think they are a super race call black people a subhuman race behind my back in stores at restaurants, etc. Meanwhile skin color is the depth of their logic and reasoning.

Slaves were freed in 1863 over 7 centuries ago and still skin color is why the different cultures still can not get along. Where does their anger come from? Shouldn’t blacks be the angry ones for having to pay taxes after our ancestors worked 400 years for free and still did not receive their land and mule from “special orders 15” .. Yet I still embrace white, black, yellow, purple, green. skin color is not important to me but personality is.

Im in shock and disturbed to see bloggers also call President Obama a monkey or nigger on internet blogs. What happened, don’t you love this country anymore. If you don’t you can always return to Europe as quoted by my Indian friend Chief Honcho. It seems no matter our position in life americans cant get over skin color. There is surely a mental disease in the u.s, but blacks and all colors are here to stay until you get well.

Is That What Your Life Is All About?

Dean answers:

So true. Society really doesn’t make much sense.

Robert asks…


*READ* THE QUESTION, because if I get another answer with,, or Yahoo Sports I swear I’m gonna SHOOT MYSELF. They don’t have it for just the last 21 days, only 7, 30, & season-to-date! I’m sorry but if this is truly the year 2007, how come there’s still NO place yet on the internet that I can quickly look up players’ statistics limited to JUST THE LAST 21 DAYS!?! I’ll even take the last 14 or 15 days, but no site even has those!! UNBELIEVABLE. And NO, I don’t want a site where I ‘have to do the math myself’ like one responder sent me to — that’s why we have computers for crissakes. This is REALLY bothering me because Pro Baseball is VERY popular among math junkies, students, professors, etc., so you would think there’s at least ONE website in all the world that would have this info. ANYBODY??? I’m dyin’ here!

Dean answers: has stats from 7, 14, 21, 28 days.

Michael asks…

Why do you think there is racial preference in the world?

This has also baffled me in this integrated more egalitarian society in the Western world. People who prefer gender equality or opportunity don’t treat races equally, and I am also talking mostly about interracial marriage, but not limited to that. For example why is there more racial preference to one race over another?

Some hippie otherworldly egalitarians here will give the typical unrealistic answer that they would date anybody outside their race. But in reality(and from my experience I was a skater bad boy, but never attracted many girls, I’m not short either), white men gravitate to asian women(for whatever reason, whether black and white women are more feminist, etc), and white women gravitate toward black men(whether because they are insecure and just want to have fun, and because of that like their culture). This is exemplified by videos such as white women paying jamaican men for their time for sex(look it up in youtube). However, you don’t see the same average white women pay for sex with Asian men.

Or another example, is that women love European men because of their accents, however, you don’t hear about the Asian accent being attractive. Statistics supports my claims; it can be reproduced anywhere with any dataset, is strongly correlated, and statistically significant, etc. And you don’t even need statistics, you can look at the internet forum participation and see those who are for interracial relationships post more often than those who get shafted in interracial relationships. Plus you got the media, insults, and what have you. So tell me, what is your guy’s problem? Are you against science and are mentally ill and deluded?

After all, my name says it all, I am who I am. I’m not some utopian socialist who thinks everything can be accounted for and made equal, so I am in other words, real.

Dean answers:

Physical attraction at it’s most basic is based on health. Ie physical strength, resistance to disease, ability to protect etc. These health markers are present in all races. The introduction of racial preference is actually very unnatural (studies have proven however there is a natural attraction to your own race which makes sense). An extreme attraction to another race or repulsion of your own race is due to negative external influences and unnatural.

In the case of humans, we are heavily influenced by our media and celebrity. Television, music, movies. People tend to argue that they are too smart or too aware to be “influenced” by media. It’s proven that this is not the case. Most people know which bachelors are left on the Bachelorette but don’t know that a 7-year old boy was murdered by the Taliban because they believed he was a spy. If they do know about the young boy, they’re still more concerned about the Bachelorette. We are bombarded at a young age with images of attractive, virtuous, heroic white people which re-forms and reinforces our idea of what we are supposed to find attractive.

The standard of beauty is still western or white but are including asian women and black men (portrayed as hyersexual) more and more. Asian men and black women are unfortunately so far removed, it’s not even funny.

Paul asks…

Need some solid literature…?

I was looking on t’internet for some good horse racing information books. I do not want it written in the form of a story, I was looking for up to date information on race courses, race classification, trainers (the more statistics the better) and also books on the betting aspect of horse racing (getting value, handicap race info, profitable races). Thanks.

Dean answers:

You can get plenty of information from or buy the Racing Post Weekender every week which publishes the previous week’s results, weekend programs and numerous articles, all in all enough for any form student.
There is a gambling bookshop in London near the British Museum called High Stakes. You may find some surprising literature there.

William asks…

Help! Msn wont change as my homepage!?

msn won’t change as my home page. everytime i open up IE7, appears. then i press home and msn appears. i scanned my computer with many anti-viruses, including the one which was most recomended(Ad-Adware 2008). when i got my results it picked something up but didnt allow me to quarentine or remove it. heres my log. i need help ASAP please

Ad-Aware Build
Log File Created on: 2008-12-10 21:02:19
Using Definitions File: C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataLavasoftAd-Awarecore.aawdef
Computer name: WINXP_HOME
Name of user performing scan: SYSTEM

System information
Number of processors: 1
Processor type: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.66GHz
Memory Available: 31%
Total Physical Memory: 468103168 Bytes
Available Physical Memory: 143990784 Bytes
Total Page File Size: 1108557824 Bytes
Available On Page File: 557449216 Bytes
Total Virtual Memory: 2147352576 Bytes
Available Virtual Memory: 1767391232 Bytes
OS: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (Build 2600)

Ad-Aware Settings
Skipping files larger than 1048576 kB
Ignoring infections with lower TAI than: 3

Extended Ad-Aware Settings
Unloading known modules during scan
Ignoring spanned files when scanning cab archives
Reanalyzing results after scanning before displaying results
Trying to unload modules prior to removal
Let Windows remove files currently in use at next reboot
Removing quarantined objects after restore
Deactivating Ad-Watch during scans
Writeprotecting system files after repairs
Include info about ignored objects in log file
Including basic settings in log file
Including advanced settings in log file
Including user and computer name in log file
Create and save WebUpdate log file

Version number: 122
Build Number: 0
Build Date and Time: 2008/09/18 02:12:33

Scan Statistics
Method: Full
Scan tracking cookies………………………..: On
Scan ADS filestreams…………………………: Off

Item Scanned: 279237
Infections Detected: 29
Infections Ignored: 0

Scan detailed statistics
Type Critical Total
Process Scan….: 0 0
Registry Scan…: 0 0
Registry PE Scan: 0 0
Hosts File Scan.: 9 9
File Scan…….: 0 0
Folder Scan…..: 0 0
LSP Scan……..: 0 0
ADS Scan……..: 0 0
Cookie Scan…..: 17 17
File Hash Scan..: 0 0

Infections Found
Family Id: 563 Name: Redirected hostfile entry Category: Misc TAI:4
Item Id: 500000035 Value: IP Address: Host Name: THEREALSEARCH.COM
Item Id: 500000045 Value: IP Address: Host Name: GREG-SEARCH.COM
Item Id: 500000048 Value: IP Address: Host Name: APPROVEDLINKS.COM
Item Id: 500000052 Value: IP Address: Host Name: VSE-MOE.BIZ
Item Id: 500000065 Value: IP Address: Host Name: AIFIND.INFO
Item Id: 500000073 Value: IP Address: Host Name: FIND4U.NET
Item Id: 500000075 Value: IP Address: Host Name: I-LOOKUP.COM
Item Id: 500000076 Value: IP Address: Host Name: IE-SEARCH.COM
Item Id: 500000078 Value: IP Address: Host Name: ITSEASY.US
Family Id: 725 Name: Tracking Cookie Category: DataMiner TAI:3
Item Id: 600000212 Value: Browser: Internet Explorer Cookie: C:Documents and SettingsNEWMANCookiesindex.dat s_vi /
Item Id: 600000664 Value: Browser: Internet Explorer Cookie: C:Documents and SettingsNEWMANCookiesindex.dat __gads /
Item Id: 600000664 Value: Browser: Internet Explorer Cookie: C:Documents and SettingsNEWMANCookiesindex.dat __utma /
Item Id: 600000664 Value: Browser: Internet Explorer Cookie: C:Documents and SettingsNEWMANCookiesindex.dat __utmz /
Item Id: 600000083 Value: Browser: Internet Explorer Cookie: C:Documents and SettingsNEWMANCookiesindex.dat __utma /
Item Id: 600000083 Value: Browser: Internet Explorer Cookie: C:Documents and SettingsNEWMANCookiesindex.dat __utmb /
Item Id: 600000083 Value: Browser: Internet Explorer Cookie: C:Documents and SettingsNEWMANCookiesindex.dat __utmz /
Item Id: 600000083 Value: Browser: Internet Explorer Cookie: C:Documents and SettingsNEWMANCookiesindex.dat TrebLastSearch /
Item Id: 600000083 Value: Browser: Internet Explorer Cookie: C:Documents and SettingsNEWMANCookiesindex.dat RecentViewed /
Item Id: 600000083 Value: Browser: Internet Explorer Cookie: C:Documents and SettingsNEWMANCookiesindex.dat rsi_se
this homepage keeps appearing everytime i open up IE7: and then when i click home msn loads. it also doesnt allow me to enter my settings to this page

Dean answers:

I think your browser has been Hijacked… Download HijackThis from and upload logfile to An automated analysis of HijackThis log data that uses community feedback to help end users diagnose problems.

Also use Avast! Home Edition from

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