Dean Answers Questions About Online Dating Advice

David asks…

Online dating advice NOT working!! has this happened to you?

So, I read dating advice articles and they say that:

1. if a guy invites you to meet his friends, he is a bit into you and wants to see how you get along with them

2. if he invites you to meet his family (and his mom!!), he is thinking of a serious relationship

3. If he tells you that he needs time apart, he is really breaking it off

4. If he tells you that you´re too good for him, he is really not into you

So, the guy I am/was seeing has done all of this and more – combined!! Everything from telling me he was falling for me to telling me he wasn´t ready for a relationship (and articles say women should not fall for this since it´s not “timing” the problem, the problem is that he is just not that into me!!)

So, what should I believe?
I didn´t meet this guy online. We met at a birthday party.
I just read dating advice on the internet to try to figure him out! but it only confuses me more.

I honestly don´t know what my gut feeling is telling me… =(

Dean answers:

If he wants some time apart, then all the other signs don’t really matter. I hope you find someone less confusing during that time apart. So when this guy actually makes up his mind, you can tell him that in plain English, “Sorry, I’m not that into you!”

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