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David asks…

How to promote online dating sites as an affiliate using free traffic?

I’m a newbie to affiliate marketing & I’ve been studying this since a month. I’m trying to promote a dating website as an affiliate & I’ve signed up for a pay per lead program (i get paid if some one signs up for free) Now i dono how to promote this using free traffic! I’ve tried facebook groups but even though people join the group (they click the link) but they dont sign up for the website.So i thought of using squidoo but then they consider my article as spam & not letting it to publish. So now what should i do? should i go for blogging??? or free website (weebly)?? if blogging is the option how can i promote it? sholud i have to write articles about dating tips or review about websites? but these are the usual.. They dont seem to work now i guess.. Any other great new ideas guys??? I need your help. Anyhelp, ideas, suggestions etc are welcome. hope you can guide me.. thank you!

Dean answers:

You could sign up on dating forums and put your URL in your forum sig, make some posts (not spam) and you would be surprised how much traffic that can bring you and it would be targeted traffic – people with an interest in your niche – it can bring a good conversion rate with it. You could always pay someone to post for you if you prefer.

Also, make sure you are promoting your site well with off page SEO eg gaining backlinks through blog commenting (on relevant blogs), directory submissions, perhaps write and submit dating articles to article directories etc. Doing this should improve your SERPS ratings and bring you organic search engine traffic.

Joseph asks…

Can I review local newspaper stories,online, in the Crawley, Sussex area, dating from the 1970s?

any newspapers in the Crawley area

Dean answers:

Why not go to the Crawley, Sussex area local newspaper’s website and find out? If they have archives it will say so there.

Chris asks…

I just found out my fiance’s online dating profile saying: “i’m looking for a serious relationship”?

LIAR!!!!……before I begin, I must say that my fiance and I met on the very same online dating service 3 years ago. We both agree to delete our profile and we became serious.

I first saw the monthly charges on his online bank statements dating back to Nov 07 when he gave me access to review his daily financial activity in Oct 08. I pondered, then asked him if he knew that this site is charging him $9.99 per month? He said he was NOT aware and asked me to call and cancel the account. I told him he would have to do it so he then said that he forgot the password and will get to it when he remembers. I decided to do a search on him and found out that he is under a different username, and last logged in on 10/11/08.

How should I handle this?

Dean answers:

You can not tell me that he has not noticed in almost a year that $9.99 is coming out of his account every month…seems a bit fishy to me! Watch out for military men, they like to play especially while they are away from home.

If he truly is your finance, for one he would not need an online profile…if you agreed for him nto have one, it would not say looking for a serious relationship and if he was honest, it would not have been created under a new name in an attempt to hide it from you

You need to call him out on all this and make him tell the truth…then leave him. He is a liar and appears to be looking to cheat if he hasnt already

Steven asks…

Online dating with a certified millionaire, too good to be true?

I’ve been single for over 3 years. Recently, my friends suggested me to join the wealthy men club to find a partner. She has met him on that website. At the beginning, I don’t belive online dating, but she insisted on that. So I tried. I chatted with a man for several times and think we will be happy if we can go ahead. Can you help me review him before I meet him?, it’s his profile. I can see his photos after login. His income is verfied (a certified millionaire), but age is not verified yet, neither photo is verified. I’m not sure if the real him is much older than what he said. I want to check with my friends, but she is enjoying the happy time with her man. So I’d rahter not bother her.

Dean answers:

I hate to burst your bubble but do you really think that rich guys with huge incomes have the time to be on a chat site like that. I have dated a lot of wealthy guys and there is no way in hell that they would consider using msn chat or any form of messenger like what you can get on that side.

In saying that, rich guys don’t need to advertise for women. A rich guy can be super ugly, but because of his money still get a hot date, so to me, there is no need to advertise.

I am sure all the guys supposedly declaring to be millionaires are just looking for a bit of ego boosting by this girls. I have a well off friend who said that girls will do anything because he has money – and I guess the same probably applies for what they would do online, and the guys probably hope they are the lucky recipients of something.

If the guy won’t meet you immediately, or cam – then that tells you he is not who he says he is.

I am also sure that certified does not mean what you you mean it to be. It probably means… This person declares that they have the income stated. And, when you are going on the honesty policy, you often don’t get an HONEST answer.

Do you think real millionaires would of provided income tax details to a faceless website? I think not.

John asks…

what is the best and most up to date online site for wages and salaries in Canada?

Hi all,

Which online site is the best one to review and to get educated about salaries and wages for professionals in Canada. I am a new engineering grad and I don’t really know how much I should ask for when it comes for the pay.

I looked online for different websites but I don’t know which one is the most accurate and up to date

Any ideas??


Dean answers: – 30k –

2. – 13k –

Robert asks…

Anyone found love online or gotten married from dating online?

Just asking because some people may think it is terrible and retared but to be honest, My step dad and my mom they found eachother….If my dad wasn’t my dad I probably would of choosen my step dad, because
(A)- for one my real father died when I was 9yrs old and secondly my step dad is a real nice guy who is from the states-Michigan.

So my question is, Out of EVERYONE on here who actually found love (that stayed and still is) Do not need other ppl saying how bad it is keep that COMMENT to yourself please

Only good reviews

People WHO found LOVE online tell me a little story how you and your lover met?

Dean answers:

I met my boyfriend on the yahoo personals 6 months ago. We are very much in love and are moving in together this weekend. I would have never found him if it wasn’t for the dating service. Finding him is the best thing that’s happened to me. From our first emails back and forth we just clicked and we have been together ever since.

When I tried the dating service I didn’t have good hopes for finding anyone and I did go on several dates before him. You do have to weed through the people with issues that are on there.

Richard asks…

On online dating, why are guys so quick to drop me because I left something out when they do the same?

Upon getting few responses to my online ad, I took out the part that mentions I don’t drive. I don’t see what this has to do with a relationship as I live in a large city and have managed to get around for 20 years without a car. I got some responses and when I emailed them back a few times and the subject came around where I had to tell them I didn’t drive or have a car (they wanted to meet somewhere not on the busline and I could not get too as many of these guys live outside the city) they lost interest or stopped writing. HOWEVER, some of these same guys left off a child on their profile or added on after we talked. Why is it worse not to review that you don’t drive till after you start chatting with someone but it is o.k for a man to say he has a teenage daughter and then after talking to him he adds that he has a 5 year old?

Dean answers:

Expect to be lied to online….and if you dont have the need for a car…then good for you…seems unfair that it would be a problem for a guy whether you drive or not…just remember most guys online just want to meet up somewhere and have sex….most are not worth wasting gas on anyway…so that will be one problem you wont have….just be straight upfront with them and tell them first off, then you will know what they are expecting…what do they want anyway ? – someone to take their kids to daycare….lol

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