Dean Answers Questions About Online Dating Scams

Thomas asks…

Online dating scams with frauds posing as deployed Marines or Soldiers…..?

Recently there have been many posts of women asking if they send their online Captain or Sergeant boyfriend $2,000 will he come home from deployment early on the military board. These women want to know how to send the money so he can come home, until she is barraged with tons of posts saying “don’t do it, it is a scam, not possible to pay your way out of deployment”. Many of these women don’t want to admit it is true and they continue to love and believe their online bf they have never met or seen. These scams are rampant now where women fall for an online chat poster claiming to be a deployed service-member and she falls for his crap, and sends him thousands of dollars thinking he is coming home from deployment early and coming home to her. Then she finds out it is a scam. Reading a few articles recently, thousands of women have reported to been scammed by these many, many scammers. Most of these scams have been traced back to Africa.
What causes this? Is it the allure of a man in uniform, desperation, or just plain naivety of how the military functions? How can a woman be so desperate to believe she has a boyfriend in Iraq that she has never met, and he is coming home to her only after she sends him thousands of dollars?

What is funnier is these posters are claiming to be full bird Colonels, but type in pathetic broken grammar showing they are foreign. Yet, the women still believes he is a Colonel who graduated from the USNA. How can they be so naïve?

What causes this pathetic dedication to someone she has never met?

Dean answers:

My aunt was in a situation that was similar to this. She met a man in a chat room and he was from Italy and told her he would send her a check for $2000 and he wanted her to cash it and deposit it to her checking account. Of course my mother and I knew from the start it was a scam but she refused to listen, so she tried to cash the checks that were in a woman’s name and they wouldn’t even allow her to cash them. He then started to tell her he was living under a bridge and that’s where he was plugging his computer into. She realized he was just trying to steal her information. But I think some women believe this crap because they become desperate and they just want someone to love them so they would do anything for them. These women that are being told to send money to “soldiers” should first check into it and ask someone if it’s possible for them to come home early. Most people already know they cannot pay to come home early but there are many naive people out there.

Donald asks…

Online dating scams?

Could someone tell me which of the dating sites online are scams? i know that is but what other ones are? and are there any ligettamate ones out there?

Dean answers:

I have seen a scam site list under “dating tips” category at a dating site. Maybe, but not very sure.

William asks…

Does anyone have info about online dating scams with women involving Lagos Nigeria?

I have a friend that we believe was just taken for alot of money by someone in Lagos Nigeria. I am wanting to know if this has happen to anyone? what did you do in this situation? If anyone knows what I can possibly do to help my friend get her money back/ justice for what this person did to her?

Dean answers:

Get money back?. HA!.. That ain’t gonna happen.

You should report scams to:

*** Your local police station. They may also advice you what to do and where to report further.

*** FBI. They have a special Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)

*** Nigerian scams you can also report to a special organization created in Nigeria to fight 419 and other financial cybercrime, EFCC: The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission

*** Russian scams you can (and should!) report to the following 2 places:

1) FSB, aka FSS (Federal Security Service). This organization is similar to FBI in Russia.
Please note, this website is in Russian. You can use online translator, for example to translate the page (recommended). The e-mail you can use is

2) Another place to report Russian scammers is MVD of Russia, aka MOI (Ministry of the Interior of Russia). This is like the headquarters of Russian Police:
Send your message through “Public Reception” center. They have a special so-called department “K” dedicated to fight cybercrime.

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