Dean Answers Questions About Pick Up Girls Clubs

Charles asks…

girls what is the best way to attract and pick up a girl in a bar or club?

i can go up and talk but she will probably just brush me aside – i am doing something wrong in my approach. what should i do, girls?
i can offer to buy her drinks all night – it will not make a difference. i will still be brushed aside.

Dean answers:

First of all a bar or a club is not where you meet girls if you want to have a relationship with one, it is where you go if your trying to take a fast girl home you know, Also if you are trying to pick up a girl at a bar or club for a relationship the reason y they brush you off is because they think that you think there easy and you just want to take them home you know and they know a bar or club is not where guys go if they want a relationship, all girls know that… Try not paying attention to any of the girls and just stand there looking good or having a conversation with your friend and all the girls will think your not there to pick up girls they’ll think your there to chill and maybe just maybe you’ll catch the eye of a beautiful girl that thinks your sexy and wants to sleep with you the trick to picking up fast girls is not letting them know you want them act like you don’t until you feel the time is right you’ll know when the time is right trust me the girl will let you know…..

William asks…

help me i can never pick up girls?

I seam to have a problem i can never pick up girlevery time i look at a girl in a club or on the street and they are looking at me a instantly look away i dont no why i do it and when i look back they look away .
What do i have to do to atract a girl???

Dean answers:

Some people cannot just walk into the club and everyone adores you. You need to look nice and smell good. Also try to be funny yet serious also. Comfort whom ever when they are sad. And some people are more attractive than others.

George asks…

How to pick up local girls from Amsterdam?

I’m 17 and I’m planning on going to Amsterdam next year when I’m18, is there a different way to approach girls there or is it easy to get one at a club like in America. I’m not trying to disrespect anyone btw thanks.

Dean answers:

Just act naturally, don`t get drunk and stay polite without being too cool. There is quite a chance that you will be picked up ;-)

Steven asks…

As an inexperienced guy, how can I get more girls? I don’t know how to pick them up/attract them in clubs/bar?

Thanks for your help & advice!

Dean answers:

Girls love a funny guy, so tell some jokes. Nothing obscure or that deals with politics/religion, just something small and witty that most people would understand. Also, girls like compliments, don’t say anything that can be viewed as you trying to hit on them, but maybe compliment them on how good their perfume is or something…. Good luck!

James asks…

where can i go to have fun and pick up girls in nyc. im 17?

me and my freind are bored as hell in our suburban town in north jersey. we’re tired of going to house parties and getting drunk and want to have some fun in nyc. anyone recommend a teen club or just a place where we can mess around have fun.

Dean answers:

Go pick up some hookers.. Or your hookers, pimp/.

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