Dean Answers Questions About Pick Up Girls Clubs

Donald asks…

when are you too old to pick up girls in a club?

Dean answers:

When you need to wear diapers.

Thomas asks…

Where is the best place to pick up girls?

Just curious is it the park?…the library?..the clubs?..bowling alley?…
Not only to hook up for a one nighter but to search for ms.right ..
So where?..ohh and are looks everything to attract there attention?..or is it the way you aprouch them?

Dean answers:

I’d say the Clubs or Bars, I would go for Bar though because not all but most girls in clubs are just looking for a one night thing believe it or not. Looks aint everything, its about how you approach her..confidence alone and saying the right things will get her attention.

Daniel asks…

Best way to pick up girls in a club?

Hey i am going to a club for teens, i am 16. How should i approach a girl i want to dance with, on the dance floor and just around the club?

Dean answers:

Learn to dance. Learn to dance WELL. Do that, the world is your oyster. Say hi. Ask the shy, quiet friend to dance. Dance well. Be attentive to her for the whole song – one song. Be cool, but do thank her. Smile. Wink. Turn. Walk away. Her friends will follow you.

Paul asks…

How do I pick up girls in like a restaurant or something not in some night club?

I’m 16 years oldd. How do I pick up a girl somewhat around my age when I don’t even know her. Suggestions for mushy lines and stuff. THANKS :DD

Dean answers:

Dude, if you don’t know HOW to pick up girls, please don’t even try it. You’ll make us all look bad. If you see a girl that you’re interested in looking at you, just go over and make some light conversation and see what’s up. Don’t just assume she wants to jump your bones right off the bat.

Ken asks…

Do you have to be ridiculously good looking to pick up girls in a bar/club?

a question especially for girls

Dean answers:

No, but everyone knows that the bar and club is no place to meet anyone. The only thing you will find there is a one night stand, but nothing that will last. You could be butt ugly and still get laid by a girl from a bar.

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