Dean Answers Questions About Pick Up Girls Clubs

Richard asks…

whats easiest night club in melbourne to pick up girls but i dont know how because im shy, any tips plzz?

Dean answers:

If you are wanting to meet someone why don’t you try dating online – it seems to be a growing trend these days and a lot of my friends have met people on line. If you are shy it may be a lot easier to chat over the internet and phone instead of meeting someone face to face straight away.
Goodluck :)

Robert asks…

whats the best way to pick up girls at a club,bar or anywhere?

Dean answers:

Best way? Mm well depends which kinda girl you’re lookin for.
The quiet smart one would probably be hanging out at the library or church, only im not too sure they’d like that :)

the party girl would be at a club/bar/party of some sort, though theres no way you could gain a serious relationship with a party girl, unless she changes (which is HIGHLY unlikely). However these are the types of girls who would probably respond best to pickups.

The BEST girls most guys fall inlove with (the fun, funny, exciting, originial, interesting, loving girls) hangout where you would probably hangout. Parks, walk their dog, arcades, coffee shops, dj at parties, etc.

Personally, id go with the 3rd types of girls. They arent sluty and easy like party girls, and arent boring and sad like nerdy ones. They’re in between, and their reaction to pick up lines varies. They arent snotty and ignorantly blow u off like librarians, but they wont jump into bed with you at the first seconds you lay eyes on them. I belong to the third group, so im speaking of expirience :)

hope u find whatever it is you’re lookin for! Serious or fling.

Daniel asks…

how can me and my buddy pick up girls in montreal?

Going on a little road trip tomorrow for the night to mtl just me and a friend.

Going to get a hotel right on the strip. Anyways I want to pick up some girls to pre drink with us and stuff, I know we can pick up at the club on the d floor. Not to be cocky but were both 21, tall and very fit. I really want to pick up some girls before to chill at the hotel with us before the club. I was thinking when we go out for dinner we could wheel some girls at the resturaunt. Anyways im not too concerned im sure we will manage just looking for some ideas of places
Lol! A lot of thumbs up here eh haha, its alright I called up an old friend from highschool that moved to mtl a few years ago.. her and her gf’s are meeting us later tonight. Already smashed one of her roomates a few years back in montreal hahah so should be interesting

Dean answers:

You may want to leave the attitude at home

Mark asks…

Is picking up girls in night clubs any easier than trying at your work?

I know they would probably be in a better mood out partying than coming to my workplace, but I don’t see how that would make them want to talk to me any more than normal.
I have tried hitting on girls at my work (customers) because I don’t have much free time to go to places like bars, and to say I have had no luck would be an understatement! The biggest problem is I am the supervisor so I am constantly being distracted by incompetent employees and girls usually don’t stop moving for very long, they come in and get out as fast as they can, so stopping them to talk is really difficult!
I guess I should just give this up and hit the clubs, I just don’t see how it could be any better. At least if they see me at my job they have at least some idea who I am and can see I am a normal working man, and they are not expecting to be hit on. At a club I would just be one more total stranger hitting on them. How could that possibly work?

Dean answers:

Just remember..girls you pick up in bars usually live the bar hopping life..doesn’t always promise a classy lady ready for a mature relationship..You may be able to party together, but would you take her home to momma?

John asks…

wot is the easiest way to pick up a girl in a club/pub?

ive recently become single and have lost all my knowledge of picking up girls any advance tips would be appreciated

Dean answers:

Girls love funny cute guys, well I know I do atleast, so do something so silly it’ll make her laugh.
*Get a bit of ice out of you drink, drop in on the floor and stomp on it hard enough it breaks.*
“Well, now I’ve broken the ice, would you like to dance?”
She’ll just giggle and accept, then just keep up the small talk and ask her lots of questions about herself, [Job, do you live around here or visting, ect] don’t come onto her too heavy or it might scare her off.
If she introduces you to her friends, smile and be friendly, when you leave be nice to her friends too, girls love guys that get along with there group [“It was great meeting all you lovely ladies” ect] and if everything went well just say “I had a good night, we should meet up on perpose next time?” or something like that and hopefully she gives you her number! :D

William asks…

how to ask a girl to dance or pick one up at a club without being rejected?

i have a feeling i might get rejected or something and thats gona be really really embarrassing….im 17 adn new to this so any tips on how to pick up girls without being rejected

Dean answers:

Well its always good to feel the girl out first that your about to ask. YOu can eye her a bit you can come over and be cool and just talkative first rather than come out of no where and ask her to dance specially if you feel you might be stood up. You can also have your more outgoing friend come over to the table first and break the ice and you come up behind him and then he introduces you. Lots of guys seem to do that as they feel intimidated or shy i suppose. No one wants to be turned down its hard for men as they do the asking .Most ladies will be polite not rude if you ask and they say I don’t like this particular song but i’ll let you know when I like a song or no thanks not right now im talking to my friend but thank you.. Those are hints not to come back and ask her again.

Chris asks…

how can i get confident in picking up girls?

in clubs etc. i am a virgin, but think i will be confident when having sex as i have had alot of cyber sex. but how do i pick girls up?

Dean answers:

Try using a good pick up line, shower and pour on a good cologne, Ferrarri black and cool water by Davidoff is always a winner, flash on your killer smile and get her drunk…you’ll get laid in no time.

Donald asks…

Is this a pick up line for girls at a club?

Hey girls I just wanted to know if I could get a female opinion on something….do you like short guys or tall guys…..(and then i try to start a conversation after)

Dean answers:

That is a boring, obviously premeditated line. Who cares what the answer is. It can be answered with one word, and it isn’t funny or interesting. You could improve it by asking if they would date someone shorter then them. And then follow it up with the question of ” are some guys too tall for you to date?” and don’t make the second question sound like you had it planned and rehearsed.

Steven asks…

What are some ways I can be wary of pick-up artists at clubs?

I’m turning 21 next month. At first I was very excited to finally be able to hang out at bars and clubs with my older friends, but ever since this show The PickUp Artist came out, I’ve been VERY skeptical.

A few of my friends who go to a very popular local club told me that they witness tons of guys using the Mystery Method to pick up on girls all the time. I have seen a couple of episodes of The PickUp Artist and I know some of the jargen, but I don’t know enough to be completely wary of pickup artists.

The only things I know to stay away from are peacocking (when a guy dresses in some weird way to get attention) and negging (when a guy says something to make it seem like he’s not interested in you, therefore getting you to become more interested in him).

Are there any other things I should be wary of? Please help!

Dean answers:

You won’t be able to tell if someone is a pickup artist (if they actually are). Many guys try the techniques and bomb….but the tru pick-up artists know 100 times as much routines and advice to get chicks. One way you can tell if they are trying to be a PUA is if they try to do anything with your hnands…..generally speaking PUAs are a lot more entertaining and great at spreading a good vibe. Its a priveledge to be approached by a PUA than a normal egotistical jackass.
I practice some methods and actually got called out on being a PUA before- when i wasn’t even using any of the techniques from the show hahah! Girls are overly weary these days but should realize Pick up is fun for both parties involved.

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