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Chris asks…

How to pick up girls at an all ages club event ?? What is the best way ??

So im gonna be going to an all ages club event pretty soon in August and i wanna know what are some of the best ways to pick up a girl at a club , like the best tips for talking to her , gettin her number ,dancing with her and building attraction. Im not an asshole so im not tryin to go for the easy one night stands and ditch the bitch kinda thing after the night. I jus wanna meet some girls to party with and have fun while at the cluub … Any Ideas ppl ??? Thanks

By the Way im new to the club scene.

Dean answers:

Sing a song, do a dance, put your self in the spot light, wink and grin, walk on your toe’s, arch your back, falap your wing’s threw back your head and crow, now! That ought to do it.

Ken asks…

where to pick up girls?

i know i already asked this but i had some fat feminist emo mole bombarded me with hatred because she is one of the fat desperados i refer to in this question.

im 19 decent looking and have a way with words. i work alone at my job so no luck there. but dont get me wrong im not desparate im just sick of the scene because at the moment the only places where every one seems to go to pick up (guys and girls) is the clubs and pubs. i cant afford clubs anymore so thats out of the equasion. and my local pubs seem to be full of old guys picking up fat desperate girls and fat desparate girls picking up old guys. and i dont know any girls since my group of freinds broke up. i dont no what to do since i lost my school friends. and please put your age on your answer if you can thanks

Dean answers:

Join some sort of club or organization in your spare time. 22

Richard asks…

i want o pick up girls at a gay club?

ok so the other day a thought came to mind were can i pick girls with no compation and i thought a gay club all the girls that go are with there a gay friends and every guy is gay so hey won’t hit on them

could this work

Dean answers:

Trying picking up some of the guys, it’ll make the girls jealous. The farther you go with the guys, the more jealous the girls will get, trust me.

Paul asks…

Experienced guys at picking up girls? club scene etc, Help me out here please? very short read.?

i just need tips on how to approach girls at the clubs, Its not near like a stupid highschool party, seems much more pressured, i find it hard to relax when i think of it,
a few pointers please ? what to talk about i guess.

Just something to help me relax. Also should i go alone or with my mates? mates dont help me relax, they’re not the chasing the girls type of people but i want to be chasing the girls, they never had much luck with shielas.

Dean answers:

Well mate. When push comes to shove, girls aren’t hard to figure out. Four rules. One: wear some nice clothes, kit yourself out. Two: don’t be cheesy. I.e. “oo you have such pretty eyes”. This is a major no. Three: Be confident. Don’t stand around with your hands in your pockets like some square. Four: physical contact. This is the key. You put an arm round, pat them on the back, whatever – they’ll think you like them. If you don’t, they think they’re ugly. Bish bash bosh, you’ve pulled. Congrats mate. Oh, and have a couple pints beforehand for that extra bit of liquid courage.

Charles asks…

Is it ok to go to a bar/club to pick up girls by myself?

I’m traveling for my first business trip to Nashville, TN and will have a lot of downtime over the weekend at nights. Unfortunately I”m traveling by myself and would be going out by myself. Is that too weird? Success rate?

Dean answers:

LOL, if you are comfortable with that, where’s the problem. Isn’t it better not to have other guys – competition?

John asks…

What is a good way to pick up hot girls at a club?

I am going to the club next weekend and I want some tips cause last time I tried getting girls to grind on me and it did not work lol. Gimme some tips.
haha I am always lookin nice

Dean answers:

Look nice

George asks…

How to pick up random girls at a pub or club?

It just seems weird to me, to go to a club or a pub, and randomly walk up to some girl and say “Hey, can I buy you a drink?” That line also seems a bit stupid as well to me, it’s basically saying “Hey, wanna fuck?”

Is there a better way of doing this?

Dean answers:

Hi well why not do it the old fashioned way and just introduce urself and talk small talk to see if any connection it works for me being a female Ciao ?

Ps: It still doesn’t mean I will go home with them tho but maybe make a date later on another day to meet for coffee YES

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