Dean Answers Questions About Pick Up Lines For Girls

Daniel asks…

Girls:do pick up lines work on you?

Generally pick up lines,disgust me and don’t work. but occasionally the guy will be charming enough for me to hear them out. so girls:do pick up lines work for you? why/why not? i get the why not part but just for fun :)

Dean answers:

Theyre just funny and i get entretained by them.

Mark asks…

what are some pick up lines for girls?

i am trying to be romantic but sometimes it does’nt work. so what are some?

Dean answers:

Im sorry but pick up lines are sooooooo stupid.If ur going to use them use them jokingly once you have a girlfriend.

David asks…

Pick up lines for girls to use?

please help!!!

there are so many pick up lines out there for guys to use on girls, but you cant use ‘did you fall from heaven you look like an angel’ etc cant be used by a girl on a guy.

to all the guys out there, or any girls with good ones what can i use?????

Dean answers:

You might consider some of these……”Hi, you’re cute.” “You know, I love the way you smile.” “You have the most amazing eyes.” “You look so handsome in that outfit.” “You seem like such a nice guy, can we go somewhere and talk?”

Joseph asks…

Girls: What is the worst pick-up line you have ever heard?

I’m sure this question has been asking a million times…I’m just wondering the worst pick up lines girls have heard and how did you react? Thanks for answering!

Dean answers:

“hey baby i just thought i should tell you not to let your future walk away from you”

he started to walk away from me when he said future!!

Edit: just for fun i should have wrote about this guy who sent me an email because i am from the east coast and told me boston accents are hot!!! Lol wait that was you!!!

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