Dean Answers Questions About Pick Up Lines For Guys To Use On Girls

Steven asks…

What does this mean? GUYS & GIRLS OPINIONS?!?

Ok so me (girl) and kaylii (girl) and sam (guy) and alex (guy) all went to a school competition. Sam’s mom picked our entire team up and we all rode together. So we all did the competition and when we got done we all went to eat, and alex goes ‘wow i never noticed u talked’ (cuz im quiet in school) and so i just said ‘ok’ and got quiet again. Then we (all of us) went to Kaylii’s house and hung out until 8 pm. (Sam, Alex, and Kaylii have known each other since Kindergarden and I just met them in 6th grade a few years ago). So A LOT of things happened but one kinda confused me all day Alex was saying perverted things and he’s not a bad guy, he just thought it was funny how easy i get nervous and then…

Sam and Alex and Kaylii were on the 4-wheeler (taking turns) and I chose not go have a turn (just cause’ i didnt really wanna go for some reason) and Alex goes ‘I think you should ride on the back while i drive. it will be fun.’ But then i was like “uhhh, no thanks’ and he goes “This time i’m not being perverted or using a pickup line. You really should ride on the back with me its fun” but im confused because he said “THIS TIME im not…” does that mean he’s been using pick up lines on me that day. I doubt it because he has a girlfriend…but i mean it just confuses me…

He was saying perv things all day and like sitting in my lap and stuff and just BEING pervish…more than usual…and he told me ‘you could be a whore if you wanted to. trust me i would know’.

He also asked my friend if it was true i liked him last year. Right in front of my face, but he acted like i wasnt there. He can’t like me- he has a gf.

Dean answers:

Ohh mann . He sounds cute ahah . Any way . He obviously really does like you. Maybe he isn’t interested that much in his girlfriend any more. Even if he might act liek it. Anything is possiblee . If you like him [ which i think you do=]] flirt with him say something back. Talk more . Sit on his lap .

Flirting: sit on his lap
make a joke’
smile at him
run up n like rub his head [not like ribbb ahah jus like fluff around his hair yah noe]
But if you feel wrong and dont like him stay clear dont want dram ayah noe.

Its bee really cool if you helped me with mine :;_ylt=AnRZ.R.PuB1etKb1MjbfUPHsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20091116145542AAr1xv2

or this one its more descriptive [ same situation ];_ylt=AjtqQhs2n8J_RYSTaRYVqWPsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20091116143331AApIkAd

David asks…

lame pick up lines that people used on you??

For guys and girls to answer..
I want to know what the lamest pick up line was that someone used on you.
or if you can think of one what was the cutest one or whatever
:D random question i know but i love to hear these

Dean answers:

I once watched a friend put his arm across the doorway to a girls bathroom to block 2 from entering and say,

“hey i’m on line, i’m a girl.”

to which they replied

“nice hair asshole.”

Mark asks…

Girl in need of pick up line for college guy?

I need a good pick up line to use on this guy at school. Something that could actually work, or one that is really lame and would make him laugh. So far, i have ” i lost my phone number, can i have yours?”

O, and is asking a guy if he is straight and single a bad way to start things off?

Dean answers:

No, don’t start out with a flip comment such as the phone number gag. There are alot of better ways to introduce yourself. By being flip you risk getting the attention of someone who may not want to be very serious anyway.
If you want to start off the relationship, the best way is to be friends first. Find things that you both enjoy. Find out who his friends are. Girls, boys, people he hangs out with. Get yourself a gf and go to these places to see what is happening.
Some of the best relationships happen at places where you see the other person on a regular basis. Get comfortable with eachother and wait and see what happens. I bet that he makes the first move. Good luck.

John asks…

pick up lines for a girl to use on a guy?

i’m 21. Don’t let the 15 year old looking avatar fool you.

Dean answers:

Trust me, most guys would love a women asking them out. You don’t even need a pickup line. Just say “do you want to go to ___ with me friday?” or something like that

Ken asks…

Can anyone give me some good pick-up lines for a guy to use on a girl??

Anything will help!

Dean answers:

Nothing, pick up lines do not work, sorry

Michael asks…

What’s the Worst pickup line a guy/girl has ever used on you?

mine was

What has 87 teeth and holds back the incredible hulk? …then he points down to his crotch and shows me his zipper with a smile.

I laughed but only because it was funny, and the fact that some guys actually use pick up lines. And then he did the ” I got you to laugh thing” I responded, ” I’m not laughing with you, I’m laughing at you…oh there goes my boyfriend gotta go. thanx Mr. Incredible Hulk for keeping me company while he went to the bathroom ba-bye.”

Dean answers:

Someone once said, ” Let me beat.” Some guys are just dumb, yeah like thats going to get me in bed with you.. Hah. The nerve of some people, jeez.

James asks…


So I was watching a show and it was talking about pick up lines that guys use on girls, and I started wondering what do guys like for a girl to tell them when a girl in trying to pick up a guy.

Something that girls say and makes guys feel interested all of a sudden?

Please use detail and be specific.
I really want a good pick up line lol

Dean answers:

You dnt even necisarily say words, just the way you look at them and act around, but compliments are good to

Donald asks…

I’ve never been a fan of “pick up lines”?

I think they sound really cheesy when guys use them on women but…………If a girl uses one on me I laugh and let her “play on” if I think she is cute but……. If I’m not attracted to her It’s an annoyance. I’m just curious is this the same for girls? My question is if a good looking guy uses a dumb pick up line is it more acceptable because he’s hot?

Dean answers:

A stupid pickup line is a stupid pickup line, no matter who says it. The way a person acts around someone they are attracted to…well, that is different. For some people, a guy could say the stupidest thing in the universe and they wouldn’t care. For others(like me), they dislike the pickup line but don’t throw out the guy who said it. I just let the guy know i think the line he used on me is beyond stupid and move on from there.

William asks…

Pick Up Community getting all the girls?

Just recently, I joined the pick up community to improve my skills in approaching women in bars. I used to be so shy that I just end up drinking beer with my buddies at bars but that’s not how i wanted it to be. I wanted to go to bars and meet attractive women, buy them a drink, dance, flirt, etc. that never happened when i was still they shy guy.

when i joined the pick up community, everything seemed to be clear, i found out what was wrong with me and learned a bunch of ways on how to approach girls, i learned the exact lines to use.. i practiced them and it worked like a charm. I also use bar magic to pick up girls and the response was awesome! the perception of using magic to get women is cheesy right? not anymore. these tricks are specially designed for success. designed to melt all types of girls. they won’t even know its magic! Now, I want to get opinions from girls or even guys on what you think about this kind?? Are you interested? You don’t believe it? Do you wanna try it? Do you have other unique ways to get girls??? Let me know! I love this stuff!

Dean answers:

I would definitely luv to learn the tricks but I would still want to be me.
I have actually already done that. I learnt a lot about what girls like & dislike & how to become their favourite but I actually just added these things & got rid of wrong ones. I mean I am still me not some “fake me” or me wearing a “mask”.
And I enjoy it most this way. Because I don’t have to pretend. I am very comfortable this way.
What I am trying to say is improving ur personality is way better than changing it for some girls.
Hope u got what u wanted to hear!
Gud Luck!

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