Dean Answers Questions About Pick Up Lines That Work

Steven asks…

Do pick up lines work on you girls?

Assuming you’re single, and a guy walks up to you and busts out a line like this, “Do you drink a lot of Snapple? Because you look like you’re made from the best stuff on Earth.” or any line that really makes you laugh because its corny, is that a good way for the guy to start a convo with you, considering its an icebreaker

Dean answers:


No! Pickup lines do NOT work!

Here’s why…because pickup lines show that you are trying to be someone you are NOT…it is fake…cheesy…and you can’t have success with any kind of lines…

Women are looking for PERSONALITY…the PERSON…not lines…so picking up woman is NOT about the lines…it is about conveying WHO you are to the woman…

If you ABSOLUTELY want a line, try this….just say “Hi”…and talk about whatever is on your mind…that works 10 TIMES better than any other cheesy, fake pickup line.

Best of success to you!

Bruce M.

William asks…

pick up lines work?

ok it all depends on the person, yes if she is not at least attracted to you the only pickup line would be is $$$. but i beleve that apperance is not all that matters the other big part is how you present your self to them so i beleve some pickup lines are good, like one bet them a quarter you can kiss them with out touching them, Then loose.

Dean answers:

Pick up lines are lame. Just approach a woman like a gentleman.

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