Dean Answers Questions About Pick Up Women Books

Robert asks…

What is about women when they go to libaries and pick up special books, is there romance invovled?

its fact there is something to it, the men as well

Dean answers:

Yep…dat’s right…

James asks…

Are there any books that teach how to pick up women?

Dean answers:

Be sweet and mysterious. If your desperate it will show, and women don’t like that. Don’t use pick up lines unless you want to be made fun of, and don’t crowd their space. If you ask a lady to dance and she says “no” just walk away.

This works for a guy friend of mine: Sit at a table in a club or bar and pick out which girl you would like to talk to. Once she walks by you with a drink “accidentally” bump into her and make her spill. Apologize and buy her another drink and drinks for her friends. She’ll thank you, you’ll get to talking and maybe even dancing. Hey it’s a step…

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