Dean Answers Questions About Pick Up Women In Singapore

Daniel asks…

Where is the best area for a white man to pick up asian women in Singapore?

Dean answers:

If you just want to ‘pick up asian women’ just go to bars in Clarke Quay. If you want a real relationship, ask colleagues or friends to give you an introduction to a single friend of theirs.

Steven asks…

Massage Parlours for women to pick up a sexy man?

Are there such things as massage parlours for women to go for sex with sexy men??? We hear about the obvious but does it work same way for us women… can anyone suggest any good ones in Singapore or Asia………..

Dean answers:

Why would you want to go to a MP??
Since you are the one doing the “hunting” , you would be better off going to a Club or Pub and select someone you might like -with whom to get it on. Guys will definitely hit on you if you are alone, so select according to your taste.

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