Here’s Why Is The Most Popular Dating Site For Singles contains over 15 million members with profiles. Just about a quarter of a million people met someone special at Match just last year. With this success rate, you’re sure to find your match.

Actually, you are guaranteed, because when you get a 6 month membership at Match, if you don’t meet anyone special Match will add an additional 6 months to your membership at no cost to you. Match is one of the first and most popular dating sites online, and throughout the years, Match has continued to improve its service. Match has an extremely rich feature set. For example, their newly redesigned MatchMobile makes it simple to surf Match on your cell phone. Thanks to Match, you now have the power to do virtually anything you want in regards to online dating, from changing your profile to browsing through matches and sending a message to that promising member that caught your eye. When he/she replies, you will be notified immediately whether it was by Match’s email or instant message. Match’s dating applications are free to use by their members.

The keyword search definitely sets Match apart from other services. I really like this feature. The way it works is you type in a word or interest and the software searches matches where the other person has mentioned that in their profile. Further narrow down the search using the rest of the available criteria, including age range, location range, and whether to only return results with photos. This is a great way to find people close to you who share a major passion. I really love how Match handles the communication phase. When you go to send an email to someone, a very user-friendly email screen pops up that shows the picture of the person and what they said about themselves (so you can refer to it as you write).

But the total advantage on this screen is the “What to say: seven terrific tips” that gives the writer insight into making a better impression with an opening email message. also includes a personality survey and quizlets that help you and your potential matches get to know you better. Called “self-discovery,” these quizlets are straight forward to take and the results are fun to see. And there are dozens of quizlets  – everything from “are you snob?” to “is your honey high maintenance?” Another good feature at Match is called “MatchMyFriends.” This allows members to play matchmaker and search for their family members and friends. Once you find a good match for someone, an email will be sent to your friend recommending them to check out the profile. MatchMyFriends also enables your friends to leave testimonials for your profile. This is cool because testimonials can provide your profile legitimacy and can provide viewers an understanding into your personality.

Of course, you get to view and approve the information before anything is posted online. Cons: The auto renewal feature for subscriptions has caused concerns for some members in the past, so it’s recommended renewing your subscription manually until they work out the bugs. Conclusion: Match has more features than any other online dating service. In numerous ways, Match is setting the standard for other online dating services to follow. Their absolutely huge membership base means you’ll have plenty of matches to choose from. You can search their membership base and make your profile for free. And on top of it all, when you become a member for 6 months and somehow manage not to meet someone special, Match will provide you an additional 6 months of membership FREE of charge.

They’ve earned a top rating here and I totally recommend Match for anyone serious about finding their match! Go now and sign up for free and get searching! Their keyword search virtually guarantees that you’ll find someone who shares your interests.

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