How To Approach A Beautiful Woman And Start A Conversation

How To Approach A Beautiful Woman And Start A Conversation

I want to show you this video on the subject of approaching girls, because it contains some pretty creative advice on starting conversations with women in an effective way. In order for you to become more successful with women, one of the first things you need to do is triumph over your “approach anxiety” and stop hesitating when you see a girl you want to meet. Obviously, you’re letting incredible opportunities to pass you by every day when you are too timid, or tongue-tied, to approach the girls you’d love to talk to — or possibly date.

A few quick tips on approaching girls the correct way:

– Stop asking permission to talk to women! This is huge. You shouldn’t say stuff like”Hey excuse me, can I ask you something?” Or even worse, “Pardon me miss, can I buy you a drink?”

When you do this you are starting the interaction from a position of weakness. As a rule, you shouldn’t seek permission from women or try to get “approval” to talk to them. Have a really good opener ready to go (the Mack Tactics book contains many awesome openers) and go straight into it.

(Also, you don’t want to give her the opportunity to say “no.” Instead, hook her attention by using an interesting opener and get the conversation going!)

– Show confident body language. Get your hands out of your pockets and make eye contact. And smile!

– Your opener is important, but even MORE important is what you follow up with. Your opener should serve as a transition into a fun, interesting and unexpected topic of conversation. Most guys make the mistake of trying an opener that doesn’t GO anywhere. (Such as, “So what’s your name?”) You’ll have much greater success if you use a Mack Tactics opener that frames you right off the bat as a cool, confident guy and creates a BRIDGE into an interesting conversation about a fun topic.

Would you like me to give you a bunch of awesome openers that you can use in any situation? I can give you more than two dozen super effective openers that work at bars, clubs, gyms, coffee shops, and even on the street…

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